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My World Odyssey

Welcome to my website! Join me as I travel around the world. This is something that I've always wanted to do but never thought I could on my own but I have decided to be solely responsible for fulfilling my biggest dream of all.

So to quiet those who think

A) I'm a bit mad (swear I'm not ready for the asylum just yet)
B) I'm having a premature midlife crisis (definitely still feel as if I haven't reached 30)
C) I should just take a two week resort holiday in the Caribbean (now that is my idea of torture)
D) That they will worry about me constantly (please don't, I have a head on my shoulders, the brain is the best weapon)

I have set up this website.

While I am going on my own, I won't be alone. The route I am taking is a well travelled one, one completed by millions before me. Be jealous very jealous!!!

Please check out my itinerary by selecting the link to your right. Also check out more detailed maps of the areas I'll be visiting by selecting from the links at the bottom of this page. I will keep this updated as much as I can with photos and text. Reports from Africa will be minimal because of the nature of my trip and because the internet connections there are terrible.

Also, please don't be shy, you can leave me a message by selecting the link on the right, I'd love to hear the latest from you all while I'm on the road.

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Too much sun
Internet Cafe
Catching Up
Still Updating
Chatting up a storm
Finally all finished
Mar 3/07
Back to the Beach
Mar 4/07
Pedicures and more beach...
Mar 5/07
Massage and even more...
Mar 6/07
Back to Bangkok
Mar 7/07
Getting pampered in...
Layover Tokyo
Touchdown San Francisco
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