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Being Elite - Spring 2013

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Our first Princess cruise was in 1994. Although we are not loyal to any particular cruise line, we found ourselves cruising with Princess more than any other, because it offered such interesting itineraries. Over the years we began to rise through various repeat customer classification levels that offered rewards. Of course, those at the elite top level were the most attractive - free internet and free laundry service the most prize worthy in our book. Once we finally worked out way up to elite status, we inadvertently stopped sailing on Princess.

On this trip we look forward to remedying that and being elite - or at least pretending to be. We'll enjoy the free wine tasting, appetizers delivered to the cabin, complimentary mini bar set up, getting our shoes polished, and upgraded bathroom amenities. We love days at sea which provide the time to relax and enjoy the ship and all it offers. Sailing across the Atlantic should accomplish that goal and make the jet lag that accompanies flying to Europe a painless process. The Azores will be a new stop, and it's been more years than we care to admit since we took our students to the Baltic capitals of Europe. Once we get to Europe the pace will pick up and a new port almost every day will provide lots to write about and share.

Join us!

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