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UPDATE 15th July 2005: We're now back in the UK! Unfortunately, I had another IT malfunction and we haven't uploaded the final part yet, but it is coming soon... stay tuned!

Karen and Martin do America! Welcome to our blog of the Summer 2005 road trip across the USA. Throughout the month of June and the beginning of July, Karen and I will be on the road experiencing the real America. Starting in California, we'll go to LA (again!) - Karen really wants to see a celeb at some point - and then Vegas (again!) - truthfully, I'm all Vegased out, having been there about 7 times throughout the course of my MBA, but it's on the way, so what the heck. We'll then head into Arizona, before heading south to El Paso at the Mexican border in New Mexico. We'll follow the border, stopping off to do some sand-boarding along the way, into Texas where we'll likely stop in Austin and Houston, before moving on to Baton Rouge (where they've just filmed the new Dukes of Hazard movie) and New Orleans. From there, we're going to pelt it 800 miles around to Miami just for the hell of it and so Karen can practice her Spanish language skills, before heading straight up the East coast towards Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York, of course taking the minor detour through Wilmington, North Carolina so Karen can see the sets of Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill. Naturally I've never heard of either of those shows, although I think Kaz has them on in the background while I'm busy "working" on my laptop.

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New Orleans
New Orleans to...
Gainesville to Miami
Key Largo to Cape...
Cape Canaveral to...
Jun 20/05
Savannah to Wilmington...
Jun 21/05
Wilmington to Washington...
Jun 22/05
Washington D.C. Suburbs
Jun 23/05
Washington D.C.
Jun 24/05
Washington D.C. to New...
Jun 25/05
New York
Jun 26/05
New York
Jun 27/05
New York...and then home!
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