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Feb 9, 2011 - Ferry to Puerto la Cruz then bus to Cumana

We headed out at 8:30 for Juan Griego but being a bus it takes an hour...stops and traffic. I experience a fit of nerves due to lateness (arr at bus terminal J.G. at 9:45) so instead of getting out in town to see the church and waterfront, we find ourselves 1 km inland. Bon is frustrated and upset w/ mua due to my twit thus sees no point in taking a taxi back and forth to see the ocean/church. We take the 1st por puesto car available back to Porlamar arr about 10.30. After buying fruit etc, we head to bus terminal and board a bus to ferry....

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Feb 19, 2007 - Cumaná

The night before me and the Danish girls had gone to Puerto La Cruz to watch some of the procession. It was very colourful though over with an just over an hour. The reason I stopped here was to see some of the carnival, I had been told that it was one of the best places to come. Then I realised I could get to Isla Margarita from here.... Cumaná is a small city on the northern coast, as it was carnival time most shops were open till midday then people were rushing home for lunch and to get ready for the afternoon procession. I found a spot...

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Nov 17, 2005 - Caracas to Cumana, Venezuela

Caracas again... (Please see Venezuela Map) Our bus pulled in to the bus terminal of Caracas at 7.30 am Sat 12th November. As you can imagine we were tired and irritable from being on a bus for so long. We woke up to discover that we did not have our Lonley Planet South America guide book on us. We checked the whole bus but could not find it. Neither of us could believe it, frantic we tried to think where it was and came to the conclusion that we had left it in an internet cafe in Merida. Basically now we were stuffed! No one spoke english...

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Jul 28, 2005 - Venezuela - Santa Fe

A few days of R&R after the rigours of Caracas, but even here we find there has just been a shooting on the beach and our plans to go to the islands to snorkel are sabotaged by the alledged demise of a chap who had just been eaten by a saltwater crocodile...not the most tranquil of activities! Still the sunshines (mostly) and the barmen makes a very mean Caiparinha!!! Strangely we met up with Sara from our Kinda the Truck days and the evenings are spent with new friends playing an excellent card game...SCUM!!!

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