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Mar 20, 2008 - Resting in Valencia, Venezuela

Now, we are settled in Valencia for the Easter weekend. we give thanks that once again, Jonathan's Colombian friend who just moved from Venezula back to Colombia offered for us to stay at his home and arranged a taxi to help us with transportation, getting SIM card for cell phone, do currency exchange, do grocercies and help us get the house keys! We give thanks to Father's provisions as we enjoyed our first home cooked meal on the road. Chorizo (sundried tomatoe sausages) with tomatoes and potatos, onions make a tasty soup! Jonthan baked...

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Nov 23, 2007 - canyoning

Hallo iedereen, gisteren zijn we vol goede moed begonnen aan een dagje canyoning. Dit is een rivier afdalen te voet. We begonnen gemakkelijk met wat in het water lopen en wat gletsjen in de rivier. Wat later begon het serieuze werk : watervallen afdalen. De eerste was een tiental meter, de tweede zat hoger en de laatste 35 meter. We stonden er met knikkende knieên bij, maar we moesten er toch doorheen. Nu, tis allemaal goed afgelopen. Wel zijn we vandaag alletwee zo stijf als een plank en voelen we ons 80 jaar, ñaar we hebben toch een...

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Feb 28, 2007 - Puerto Colombia

My last stop before Europe. Didn't get off to a good start. After the overnight bus from Cumaná to Maracay it was another 3 hours to Puerto Colombia. My knee was stiff and I could barely walk. Got off the bus and went into the nearest posada I could find. The lady at the posada took one look at my knee and told me that I should go and see the doctor in the neighbouring village of Choroní, my knee was by now about twice / three times it's usual size and people in the street were looking at it. I went after I had some lunch. I could hardly...

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Jan 12, 2007 - Parque Nacional Morrocoy

3 and a half hours west of Caracas is Tucacas gateway to the park. It was hot there but mitagted by the sea breezes. This national park is famous for it's little islands, beaches and secret coves and to a lesser degree snorkelling. The beaches really were like the ones in a Bacardi advert, white sand, palm trees...but the Venezuelans were busy filling up on whisky. Just about every party I saw had a little cool box filled with ice and bottles of Johnnie Walker red and black labels.... whilst carrying their therma-cups.... I couldn't find...

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Jul 11, 2005 - Venezuela - Caracas Airport...

Nur ein kurzer Bericht von unserem 18-stuendigen Aufenthalt in Caracas Aeropuerto... es war saukalt, denn auch hier haben sie die Klimaanlage voll aufgedreht. Wir nutzten aber den Tag, um unsere Website upzudaten und unsere emails zu beantworten... so ging auch dieser lange Tag irgendwie vorbei... und jetzt: ab nach Lima!

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Jan 8, 2005 - first´piece of news from south america

so we started in venezuela for anyone that didn{t know that and we went to the beach and stayed for a while in caracas no photos of there as we weren't overly enamoured by the place so here are the photos of the caribbean beach it was very hot and we are both peeling now feeling the after affects (of course i wore sun cream though gaynor!)

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Nov 8, 2004 - Puerto Columbia

O.k: I know this is a repeated stop for me, but this time I really enjoyed my stay. I had friends who were all for having a good time and enjoying the beach. We arrived and immediately went for a night swim at the good beach. Then of course we spent the next couple of days tanning and swimming and even had a game of frisbee in the sea. Paddy and Amy knew about a secluded beach a short hike away, so one very hot and sunny morning we trudged over the mountain and found, to our delight, a beautiful rock and sand beach about 100m long. We were...

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Aug 16, 2004 - Puerto Columbia, Venezuela

First stop in Venezuela takes the most magnificent if scary bus ride across the mountains to tohe beach. There is a very great risk in taking this bus, but the views are worth it. Choroni or Puerto Columbia are two twin towns on a nice beah. There is a national parque nearby with even better beaches only a short hike or a boat ride away.

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