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Feb 18, 2009 - Montevideo

In the morning we did a City Tour through Montevideo... (the name comes originally from a descripiton of the place... Monte VI de este a oeste... meaning the 6th mountain counting from east to west... so MONTE VI D E O) ... see that?! we even learned something!! (o: The climate here is simply perfect... it's nice and warm, but with a nice breeze coming from the ocean all the time... after lunch we walked through the Cuidad Vieja (Old town), which makes you feel like you're back in europe... this city is truly beautiful... and it feels more...

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Jan 17, 2009 - Montevideo

Montevideo : Uruguay Uruguay's capital fell well short of our expectations although it was a little like Santiago, but with far fewer trees. Shopping was extremely limited for a big city. People were generally friendly but the streets and buildings are in need of a little TLC. Footpaths, just like every town and city visited, were pot holed, uneven and generally quite dangerous...a serious public liability risk.

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Sep 26, 2008 - Montevideo

Ce jour là nous decidons d'aller jusqu'à Montevideo. Mais pas question de prendre le bus, nous voulons essayer d'aller en stop. Donc on sort de notre hostel et on cherche un coin ou arreter les voitures. La station essence sur la route pour Montevideo nous parait ideale et effectivement nous n'avons pas levée le pouce 5 secondes que déjà une voiture s'arrete. Peter, un gentil papy anglais, nous a emmenés jusqu'à Montevideo centre 2h50 plus tard. Plutôt réussi comme première experience!! Montevideo est beaucoup plus petit que Buenos Aires...

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Jul 23, 2008 - Great expectations.

Our tour book of S. America describes Uruguay as having the reputation as the Switzerland of the Americas. They noted that it has a history as a peaceful country with friendly people that bordered the boisterous and arrogant Argentine. So, as Canadians we thought, ‘we can relate to that!’ We were eager to fall in love with the place and were anxious to make a quick visit. We will have plenty of time to go back to Uruguay when we return in November so we plan to see what we can and choose where to come back to, with more time to spend. We...

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Apr 11, 2008 - Montevideo

Left Salto at around 12pm for our 6 hour bus trip to Montevideo. We had a fairly smooth journey through the countryside of mainly farming land and through a few small towns. Very interesting to see the different types of architecture. Most of the houses are very small brick and cement. Arrived in Montevideo at 7.30pm and headed out for dinner. 12th Spent the day walking through the old part of town. There were markets on in a park in the centre of the old town selling antiques, arts and crafts. You could buy muskets, pistols, old telephones...

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Nov 14, 2007 - UR: Montevideo

Mit der modernen Fähre kommen wir in Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay) an, von wo aus wir den schnellen Bus nach Montevideo nehmen. Uruguay, das vor der Wirtschaftskrise von 2001/2002 genannte Schweiz von Südamerika, ist wenig bevölkert, grün und ähnlich wie Argentinien. Die regnerische Stadterkundungstour in der Hauptstadt lässt unser Herz nicht erwärmen, dafür umso mehr unsere architektonisch hervorragende Jugendherberge mit Ping-Pong-Tisch und Schachbrett.

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Jan 5, 2006 - Montevideo

Probably the only reason we came here was because it is the capital of Uruguay. We didn't stay long as it seemed like a poor cousin of Buenos Aires. The most entertaining sight was in the main plaza, where the biggest horse statue we've seen (and there have been many!) was overlooked by the most disgusting building. It resembled the offices out of The Office, (and for a moment we thought we were in Slough!) except it was inhabited by refugees. Prime real estate! It wasn't all bad though, underneath the giant horse statue was a mausoleum of...

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Jun 10, 2005 - Montevideo

We arrived in the capital after a two and a half hour bus ride from Colonia. The scenery on the way there was all very green fields filled with cows and horses - all very South American! When the currency crashed in Argentina it also took the Uruguay economy with it as Argentinean deposits made up 80% of foreign reserves in their banks, and of course all the Argentineans wanted to withdraw them as they saw their currency tumble. By 2002 inflation was up to 40% in Uruguay - pretty scary! We've had an explore of the city today and took in all...

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