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Jun 17, 2019 - Mayfield Lake & Toutle River

Mayfield Lake & Castle Rock June 10-15, 2019 Mayfield Lake is a “go-to” place for a group of Panorama residents to go camping every June. This year the group started with six reservations. Three had to cancel out. We took the site of one of those three. So there were four RVs from here that went there. Interesting tidbit: Three of the motorhomes were Coachmen Freelander’s! Tuesday afternoon was After Eight Happy Hour. Several friends from Panorama drove there and made it even more of a happy event. Friday we drove to the Toutle River RV...

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Trip Journal

2019 Trip Journal

Sep 27, 2017 - Mt.St. Helens

There are five active volcanos in Washington and in 1980 Mt. St. Helens drew the world's attention when it blew its top, killing sixty people, burying the northwest with ash, and altering the landscape beyond recognition. The event started with an earthquake; one side of the mountain came down creating the largest landslide ever recorded. The release of the pressure above caused the volcano to erupt. The eruption was not totally unexpected since it had been shaking and venting steam two months before. An eruption column rose fifteen miles...

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Sep 9, 2017 - Visit to Johnson Ridge Observatory to View Mt. St. Helens

September 9 – Visit to Johnson Ridge Observatory to View Mt. St. Helens This morning, we drove east about 50 miles to the Johnson Ridge Observatory that is located north of Mt. St. Helens. We viewed the excellent film and heard a ranger speak about the eruption. Today, the InstaPot was put to use to create batches of my breakfast cereal, yogurt and bone broth. Today was also an other great anniversary with my sweetie - our 13th. Life is good. :) Tomorrow, we head west to the southwestern part of Washington to Cape Disappointment Campground,...

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Sep 8, 2017 - Camping in Castle Rock, WA – Videos Now Available

September 8 – Camping in Castle Rock, WA – Videos Now Available We decided to camp at the local KOA instead of the nearby state park so we could have cell phone service and keep up-to-date on Erma’s progress and be able to watch the Ohio State football game on Saturday afternoon. : ) After setting up camp, we visited the local Mt. St. Helens Visitor’s Center to view the film and exhibits. We received an e-mail from the Oregon State Park organization reporting that the Ainsworth State Park would not be open until late September due to the...

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Sep 7, 2017 - Hike to View Nasqually Glacier and Travel to Castle Rock, WA

September 7 – Hike to View Nasqually Glacier and Travel to Castle Rock, WA We got up early and headed for Mt. Rainier visitor’s center at Paradise without the delay of waiting for paint to dry. Our goal was to view the Nasqually Glacier on the south side of Mt. Rainier by hiking up to Glacier Vista from the visitor’s center – about a 1.25 mile distance, one way, and a 930’ elevation gain. The forest fire smoke was just a thick as yesterday and the sun was orange as it rose over the pine trees as we set off up the trail at 7:30. We had the...

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Sep 6, 2017 - Drive to Closed-Due-to-Smoke Sunrise Visitor’s Center

September 6 – Drive to Closed-Due-to-Smoke Sunrise Visitor’s Center We thought that the best thing for us three to do today would be to drive to the Sunrise Visitor’s Center on the high east side of Mt. Rainier. The temperature is cooler by 10 degrees but still too warm to keep Martha in the RV alone. At the exit to our campground, we were met by a rotund lady clad in a conspicuity embossed, yellow, snug outfit holding a stop sign. We were told to stop and stay which we did for 45 minutes. The newly paved road up the mountain was being...

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Feb 22, 2017 - Canyonville

Feb 22, 2017 Leaving Castle Rock in the fog. We will get diesel and then head towards flooded California. All the rivers here are high but no flooding yet. Ran into some snow at Roseburg but then it cleared We are spending the night at Seven Feathers RV Resort. No rain, no snow, no sunl

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Jul 13, 2016 - Mount St. Helens near Castle Rock, WA

We had an easy hour and a half drive from Olympia to Castle Rock right down I-5 south. Since we didn’t need to leave very early, Jay rode his bike this morning and then ran a few errands. I think he likes riding faster and longer when I’m not with him. We got to Castle Rock around 1:30, had lunch and then headed off to play some golf. We went to the town south of us, Kelso, and found a nice course that is owned by the local Elks Lodge. We thought that was very different but sure found a beautiful course. Since it was later in the day and...

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Apr 14, 2016 - Getting out of Town

Spent last night parked at my cousins house in Castle Rock. Today we are headed to Yakima for IOBG District 1's spring meeting. Chance to catch up with friends. Drove over White Pass, snow on the trees but not the road. Several sections have had landslides but they are being repaired. Tress are pretty with snow on them. Rivers and streams are high and running fast. Normal things happening for awhile, dr's appointments, physical therapy, a surprise visit from my brother. Had not seen him for 15 years. The house sold and we had closing,...

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Feb 18, 2016 - Feb Update

Jan 11 - See the Oncologist and start the process for breast surgery. Jan 12 - I have lunch with the group and get further update on Liz, she will also need to have breast surgery on the same side. Get the labs done for the breast surgery and have an MRI of the breast. OOPS, not enough tests were run so more blood is taken and then the MRI. Jan 13 - Car club meeting and a chance to see friends. Jan 20 - Lunch with our Ana-Sams group Jan 23 - I am working today, feels good to see the gang and some of my favorite customers Jan 26 - See the...

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Jun 14, 2014 - Day 12 to Mount St Helen KOA

photos to KOA MT ST Helens at Castle rock wa: https://picasaweb.google.com/116295225967819263686/Day12ToMtStHelensKOAWA?authkey=Gv1sRgCPPx5_WLmqPIiAE#

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Jul 9, 2013 - Silverlake, WA

Sunday we arrived at Silver Cove RV Resort located on the canals of the renowned Silver Lake home to some of Washington's best bass fishing and the beautiful views of the renowned Mt. St. Helen's volcano. Silver Cove is only 5 years old so everything is modern and up to date. The RV Park is located 9 mile East off of the I-5 at Castle Rock. Nice to be back in the warm weather, 80's, after the 60's along the coast. We have a site backed up to a canal that goes to the lake and the view is fantastic. Geese, ducks and an occasional pontoon boat...

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