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Dec 17, 2019 - December 17, 2019 – Houston, Texas

December 17, 2019 – Houston, Texas We got an early start this morning and had time for a drink at Starbuck’s which was next door to the Chinese Embassy. Sarah had her picture taken for the application at the booth in the embassy. She has to use that photo booth because it is connected to Beijing where they verify the pictures as her before they are printed here. While she wasn’t the 1st in line to turn in her papers, she wasn’t far from it. It turns out that there was an interview, and she was 1st in line for that because all the folks who...

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Dec 16, 2019 - December 16, 2019 – Cleveland, Livingston and Houston, Texas

December 16, 2019 – Cleveland, Livingston and Houston, Texas After breakfast this morning, I drove to Livingston to pick up the power of attorney. Unfortunately, since I was there in November, the County Clerk has decided that this would not work and had notified the lawyer. So, I went to the County Clerk’s Office again. She was out. Since her secretary was the one I worked with after she discussed it with the County Clerk, I was determined not to talk to anyone except the county clerk. She was out so I will have to go back on Wednesday...

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May 11, 2019 - Houston, Texas

Houston May 10th & 11th: Our last night in Vidalia, LA it rained hard all night and in the morning we had to pack it up in the rain. And then for about the first 80 miles out of town we ran through heavy rain. Glad to finally get out of the rain. They have had so much rain here that a lot of the fields are flooded and drainage ditches on the side of road were full to the brim. Much more and we would have had flooded roads with which to contend. We have been driving on mostly two lane secondary roads since we left home. Actually driving...

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Apr 3, 2019 - Houston, TX

A quick visit with our sons, Andy and Billy, daughter-in-law Emily, and Andy's girlfriend Kate. We had some nice dinners and I built garage shelves at both of my son's houses. We stayed at a different RV park than usual, Advanced RV Resort, which is closer to Billy and Emily's new house. We got an introduction to big city traffic here because we were about 10 miles from both houses, so we had to deal with traffic going to each. Prior to this we were so close to Andy that we didn't have to think about it.

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Dec 23, 2018 - Houston, TX

Finally we are here in Houston and setting up for Christmas! Andy is here and we left Spring at 8 AM traveled early in the morning so that we can check in, cook, and watch an important noon-time Texans game with him at his house (they lost 32-30 to the Eagles). It was a relaxing day of football, chowder, brats, and games. We will be dropping off and using up a lot of the 'stuff' we brought from home and bought for the holiday. There are some presents and groceries, and we brought a lot of Billy and Em's wedding stuff as cargo, stuffed into...

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Nov 12, 2018 - Day 13

Today was scheduled to be a quieter day. Visiting some friends, doing laundry and relaxing. The day started with breakfast at the hotel. I like the breakfast at Hampton Inn better than Homewood Suites. Hampton has the waffle maker that makes waffles in the shape of Texas! We finished breakfast and went to Dave's apartment. He had to work today, but gave us his key to use his washer and dryer. He doesn't charge as much as the hotel! We drove to his apartment, which was no small feat. It seems that the roadway around our hotel is under...

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Nov 11, 2018 - Day 12

Today is the day to travel from New Orleans to Houston. This is the longest drive of the trip, 364 miles. We planned to get up early and spend the day driving. However, we decided to make 1 stop along the way, at Avery Island. We had breakfast at the hotel and were on the road at about 10 AM. The drive to Avery Island is about 2 hours. Avery Island is the home of McIlhenny Food, makers of Tabasco Sauce and related products. Actually, Avery Island is not an island as we usually think. It is actually a block of salt projecting through the...

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Nov 7, 2018 - Miscalculation

When I booked my stay for Houston, I booked 5 nights. I suspect I was doing it from memory and thought I had 4 days of activities planned. A week or so ago when I looked at my itinerary, I realized I only had 3 days of activities planned so I moved the Sam Houston Boat Tour to today figuring I would just have a leisurely day. However last night when I looked at the details for the boat-tour I discovered it was free and you needed to make reservations at least24 hours in advance. Even though I was inside the 24 hours I thought I’d try to...

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Nov 6, 2018 - "...And Dream of Galveston"

Day started out as severely overcast but by the time I got to Galveston there was a hazy sunshine which lasted all day. Very humid and in the upper 80s though. First thing I planned on doing was catching a couple of films, one about the 1900 hurricane and one about Jean Lafitte the pirate who had a colony here back in the early 1800’s. I was stunned when I got to the theater to see they were closed on Tuesdays. Why Tuesday? Doesn’t Monday make more sense? Plus the website doesn’t say anything about being closed in Tuesdays. Just down the...

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Nov 5, 2018 - Johnson Space Center

Today was a golden day. Went to the Johnson Space Center (NASA) arriving shortly before they opened at 10. I knew parking was $5 but something was going on while I was sitting in line because there was a car in the front that didn’t move for like 5 minutes. Then suddenly we starting zipping right along. I saw the attendant wave the 3 cars in front of me through and I assumed they had some sort of pass. Then he waved me through. Bingo, saved 5 bucks. But of course, that wouldn’t make a golden day…bronze, maybe, but not golden. I then got in...

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Nov 4, 2018 - Downtown

When I had checked the weather forecast last night it indicate a 70% chance of rain all day today. So when I got up around 7:30 and it was pouring I wasn’t surprised. Went down to breakfast, then came back up and was reading my book figuring I wasn’t going to be doing anything today, especially not taking a bus tour and spending time walking around downtown as originally planned. Got up and look out the window around 8:45 and the rain had all but stopped. Checked the forecast again and now it said afternoon was going to be partly sunny....

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Nov 3, 2018 - "Houston, the Eagle Has Landed"

Another basically uneventful travel day. Took a detour to run out to Padre Island National Seashore east of Corpus Christi. This is an undeveloped area so not a lot to see but stopped at the visitor’s center and took a walk out to the beach. There were quite a few vehicles on the beach and according to the map you can drive 50 miles down the beach, but again that certainly isn’t going to happen in a minivan. Stopped briefly at the Bob Hall Pier in Padre Bali Park but there was a small charge and I needed to keep moving so I didn’t bother...

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