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Jun 29, 2017 - Philadelphia, PA.

We drove to Philadelphia with no problems, except a little rush hour traffic on the Toll bridge. Just wish PA. would put there directional signs before the exit, instead of just past them. Got Ava on her plane with another girl her age going home to Phoenix. It is very lonely without her here. I can't begin to tell you how much fun she is. She's growing up fast. In a couple years she will be too busy for Grandma and Grandpa. Even Marley is acting mopey with out his buddy.

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Jun 14, 2017 - We are off!! Day One

We left Philadelphia at 6:06 am, much to the chagrin of Sarah, who wanted us to leave earlier. Right off the bat we broke one of our Prime Trip Directives ("NO CHAINS!!") and had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. First stop -- Harper's Ferry West Virginia, a beautiful spot in the Appalachian Mountains at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, site of many civil war skirmishes, major weapons manufacturing and the alternatively successful raid on the Armory by John Brown. Hard to conceive of smoke spewing factories and a thriving city...

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May 13, 2017 - Oklahoma City/Chicago/Philadelphia Airports

This morning at 3:00 am my father drove me to the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA and I met Dr. Brown and our group at the airport. I was so excited I stayed up all night and kept on unpacking and repacking my suitcase. Walker says I should bring things I can wear many times and things that I can throw away if I need to. That ended up not happening. But I do have enough room left in my backpack for seashells and wine! I'm so excited, it doesn't even feel like this is real. How can I be going to see the very places...

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Jan 6, 2017 - 1st Leg - Up To New York

Well I slept pretty well but we were both awake by 6am. Typical American selection for breakfast & we got to sit with a 70 year old railway engineer who still works & travels the rails. By the time we got back to our roomette Vivian had packed our beds away and set us up for daytime travel. We stopped briefly in Philadelphia & Washington before reaching New York an hour & a half late at 12.30pm. We then had to queue up & wait nearly an hour to collect our checked-in cases before we could head off to our hotel. The hotel was close so we...

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Oct 19, 2016 - Closing time

Currently I am sitting at the airport in Philadelphia. My vacation is coming to a close. We managed to make it home from New York at about 3am and left again at 9am to take Christina to the airport. I am tired. Mary and I drove to Villanova and Bryn Mawr and down the Main Line through the very prettiest and very dodgiest parts of Philly before settling in Rittenhouse Square. Lunch was at Parc, a French café with Parisian sidewalk seating and had kir royale with views of a park. My final thoughts besides the tons of walking and tons of...

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Oct 17, 2016 - A Tale of Two Cities

Today is best described into two parts since I saw two sides of Philadelphia today. Part one will be an homage to a little art house flick from 1976 that few have seen - Rocky. Brian and I recently saw the original Rocky at an old theater in Portland for $2 so I was primed. Our first stop was the Rocky statue. It had a line to take photos and was a fun way to start our tour. We then ran up the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Not. Even. Difficult. Between dominating the steps and being a fellow Southpaw, I pretty much HAVE to...

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Oct 16, 2016 - Just like George

I went for a jog! There was no way I was going to bring my shoes and a running outfit all the way out here without checking a bag and not use them. That's primo real estate they were taking up. Christina and I got up nice and early and went for a 2.5 mile run in the fog. As always, it's a very nice way to start the day and the fog made everything so pretty and autumnal. Speaking of autumnal, the houses and boroughs in Bucks Country are basically everything I could hope for in my constant longing for the perfect "feel" of fall. There are...

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Oct 15, 2016 - Commence Vacation Phase 2

This entry will be short because I'm blissed out on sous vide steak finished on the Green Egg and red wine (and rosé and cocktails) and am in desperate need of a good night's sleep. I might be 35 years old but turns out I'm kind of afraid of sleeping in basements. Yep, just admitted that out loud. I've been in 4 states today. Well, 3 states (Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania) and DC. I find this amusing because it would take me 4 days to visit 4 states on the West Coast. Anyway, today marks phase two of the vacation. Family time. Our...

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Aug 10, 2016 - Philadelphia

We went into Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. wanted to see 3 other sites but 2 of them were closed and after fighting traffic for nearly an hour we gave up and came home. Tomorrow we head for Assateague Island and Chincoteague Island. This if the home of the wild horses.

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Jun 26, 2016 - Philadelphia, PA.

Bear with us, our WIFI is still touch and go. We will get all these pictures in order at some time. Well it seems our own WIFI has caught a signal. We headed downtown Philadelphia for a little sightseeing. It being Sunday, we figured no traffic, Not so! Even with that we got downtown by 9:30 or so and parked in the Liberty Visitors Center garage. We found out that tours of Liberty Hall were already full for the day, but were able to get in and see the rest of the sites. Ava was given a Park Ranger application book that required gathering...

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Dec 16, 2015 - Philadelphia

Started the day with news that Zachary has been accepted into the Navy gap year program! We then packed up & caught a yellow cab to Penn station to catch the Amtrak to Philadelphia. Arrived at 12.45pm at our hotel & luckily we were able to check in straight away. Walked around the streets of Philly, finally giving in to having Subway for lunch. Walked on down Market street to find the Liberty Bell & all the interesting history that goes with this city. Not a lot of people around, so I think that it is a good time to visit. When walking...

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Nov 8, 2015 - Postcard 1

November 8, 2015 Road Trip Journal: Postcard 1 Our plan today is to drive through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania today. We cleaned the rest of the apartment, finished packing, and dropped off the keys, Left lots more free stuff in the lobby and the rest to Kevin and family. Out to breakfast with the Chan’s; sad to say goodbye. They took Steve in and made him part of their family for the past 3 years and for that I am indebted to them. Kevin is now telling “Steve Jokes”. Is that a good thing? We drove...

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