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Oct 11, 2013 - Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall mornings in the hills of southern Ohio at the crack of dawn are a new beginning just like a new born baby. The air is crisp, the birds are chirping the new day’s welcome, the smells of campfires smothering from overnight and the dew heavy on the grass. The fog covers the valleys as the hill tops appear to be rising from a sea with different vibrant colors showing. As the fog rises from the valleys and envelopes the hilltops the valleys start to come into focus of the green grass that covers the ground. The beauty of southern Ohio will...

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2013 North Carolina

Sep 18, 2012 - Southern Ohio

We traveled today from eastern Indiana to southern Ohio, trip was pretty easy. We had a little rain but trip down was uneventful. I have attached several pictures from Yellowstone, I hope I have not already posted them. When we arrived ,ate at the original Bob Evans Restaurant, always good. We got here around 1:30P and are resting now reading and listening to audio books. Life is grand we count ourselves very lucky that we were able to conduct this trip so far with no problems. Tomorrow up and on to Wytheville, Va.

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Aug 21, 2012 - Arrival Rio Grande, Ohio

We arrived here around 3:30P, drive uneventful from Wytheville. We ate at the original Bob Evans rest. Well its actually the third one they have built on the same spot. This is a large farm with a bunch of cattle. THe campground is down along a creek that runs through the farm. When we checked in the girl said we would most likely be here tonight by ourselves. It does it real dark they only have one light. Maybe cookie will protect us. Tomorrow we will set out for Anderson. By the way we ate well here. Cropped angus steak, baked potato,...

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Sep 30, 2009 - Not your Ordinary Restaurant

I had hoped to finish my story from yesterday early this morning but it just didn’t happen so now I have two days to catch up on… That’s what I get for waiting so long between posts… Because of the beautiful scenic route we took after leaving Tab and Deanna’s place in Western Ohio we saw some beautiful sites along US 35 to West Virginia… At lunch time we came to the town of Rio Grande and looked to see what they had for a placed to eat. We had a choice of McDonalds, Subway or Bob Evans… We opted for Bob Evans since we always have good food...

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