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Aug 8, 2017 - Heading to New York

Holy cow! We slept really good last night! We got up, ate breakfast and were on the road at 730am. Dad has been driving most of the way and does not like apt of traffic...well we hit s lot of it going right through Cleveland! We made it through in about one hour. We had a long day, stopped at Presque Isle Downs to stretch our legs for about 45 min and to eat. We got to see the horses practice their racing skills which was really cool! Dad put the blanket of ours out and we all laid on it. It was really fun and relaxing. We got back in the...

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Oct 5, 2014 - Day 30

Hi There, Another great day as we headed through upstate New York to visit the home of America's national pastime, The National Baseball Hall of Fame. This is in my opinion the best sports museum in the USA and we spent some time walking through the exhibits that cover everything from games record breakers to the rings presented to the World Series winners, but by far the best part of this place is the Hall of Fame where the games greats are honoured with a bronze plaque. Again the Yanks have to be applauded as this place is a great...

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Jun 20, 2014 - Weedsport to Canastota

June 20 Weedsport to Canastota We started the day biking through a hamlet called Jordan. Jordan sprang up when the original canal was built. However they quickly realized the original canal was not big enough for the amount of traffic so they decided to make it bigger. And in Jordan they actually moved the canal a few miles north only 10 years after the original canal was built which spelled the demise of this once bustling community. You'll see some pictures that we posted of some abandoned locks where you can still see scratches in the...

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Apr 29, 2014 - From the Lakeshore Limited

From the Lakeshore Limited: Time is about 11:09am on the LSL between Rochester and Syracuse, NY. We’re slowly moving across the Finger Lakes region and into the Mohawk Valley. The Mohawk River/Erie Canal is looking a bit…swelled, to say the least. The train was moving on time, if not a bit early, up until this point. I didn’t sleep as well last night as I had hoped, as the seats in the Amfleet cars are different than in the Superliners. I think if I ever take the LSL again, it will be with a roomette, because I’m not really digging these...

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Sep 24, 2013 - Blown away!

Syracuse, NY Yesterday we explored the Canadian side of Niagara Falls so today we did the American side. The Cave of the Winds trip takes you right up (and into) the waters of Niagara Falls. You ride an elevator 175’ deep into the Niagara Gorge. Then, clad in a bright yellow poncho and wearing the special sandals provided (you put your shoes in a plastic bag and carry them with you), you walk over a series of wooden walkways to the "Hurricane Deck". As you stand at the railing, you are a mere 20’ from the billowing torrents of Bridal Veil...

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Jun 16, 2013 - Time to move on

Yesterday was another beautiful day. Lots of activity and people. Last nights entertainment was Reba, who always puts on a wonderful show and this was no exception. Since we had seen her perform in Daytona, we knew what was coming at the end. She leaves the stage, the band finishes, the lights go down and everyone starts to leave. All of a sudden the band starts to play, Reba reappears dressed in red. What a finish. The day ended with fireworks. Today dawned overcast and chilly and eventually the rain appeared. And then the sun woke up and...

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Jun 16, 2013 - Last Rally day

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!! After coffee this morning, Mom made eggs and pancakes…YUM! Our normal breakfast is cold cereal, so this is truly a special day! It was a nice morning, so with no rain in sight (that is, direct sight…we have no TV or radio for news, so we have no idea of what to expect later in the day), Dad took his new caulk and headed to the roof. After caulking the suspect area of the front cap, he also gave a good dose to the kitchen skylight. Much of the day was spent around the trailer and planning our next stops using...

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Jun 15, 2013 - 2nd day at the Rally

I wanted to check out the last of the 5th wheels we didn't see yesterday, so we went over and looked at them, then one more pass through the vendor tent. I found an interesting tool that is supposed to clean your floors, but most importantly, pull dog fur out of the carpets - had to have one, but they give you a second "for free" to walk around with it as advertising. ;-) Mom found a cool patio light that she liked, so we came away satisfied that we'd done our part to make the event worthwhile for the vendors. Then it was lunchtime and we...

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Jun 15, 2013 - We made it

After a tiring day of mishaps and torrential rain. we met up with Dom and Rose and parked in our assigned spots. Fortunately we are on asphalt. They had up to 10" of rain here in the past week and all the grassy areas are mud. Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas, was last nights entertainment. He put on quite a show. After the show, we bumped into friends from home, Jim and Jean. Today has dawned bright and sunny.

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Jun 14, 2013 - First full day at the Rally

We took our time this morning getting over to the shuttle buses, knowing everyone else would be headed to the rally at the same time and we'd be standing in line at registration forever. Good call…we walked right up to the desk and got our badges. Much of the early afternoon we wandered through travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers that were on display. I'm working on determining whether or not I want to move to a towable or stay with my class C rig. I found one great 5th wheel, but would have to convince friends and family to go with me...

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Jun 13, 2013 - Good Sam RV Rally June 13 (thru 15)

Dad woke up this morning with rain water dripping on his neck. Ugh! Turns out the big storm overnight and continuing this morning pounded hard enough to find an opening in the front cap of the trailer roof and fill the cabinets on Dad's side of the bed with water. Mom and Dad got up and pulled all the wet towels and soaked Kleenex boxes out of the cabinets (these are used for supply storage), wiped them out and sponged whatever water they could off of the corner of the mattress. We'll look for caulk in the tool box and repair it the next...

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May 21, 2013 - Erie Canal Museum

Explored Syracuse New York today and it didn't disappoint. My first stop was the Erie Canal Museum which has been operating since 1962 in the only existing original Weighlock Building left. The Erie Canal was 363 miles long starting at Albany in eastern NY and ending in western NY in Buffalo. The museum has a replica of a boat in the weigh chamber and explains how it would be weighed empty and the weight would be recorded and filed as part of the annual state registration. Thereafter, a toll was assessed only on the difference in weight of...

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