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Jun 25, 2017 - Girlscouts and Final Weekend at the Ranch

Thursday, 6/22/17 Steve and Peggy returned to help out with the girl scouts this weekend. They came to look at the kittens and are torn between Kitten #1 (black and white) and Kitten #3 (tiger). No guest rides today so you think it would be an easy day, but somehow it wasn’t. Kept finding little things to do. Alice and Peggy had gone for the day shopping and movie. And every time I ventured somewhere, there Joe eventually came. At least he doesn’t follow me into my room or to the bathroom. LOL! I thought about tacking a horse for a ride,...

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Jun 11, 2017 - First fall

Friday, 6/9/17 Today we went on the famous all day ride. Steve, Alice’s grand babies Alicia and Makayla, Makayla’s friend Chloe, Michelle, Joe, and I. We were provided with a sack lunch of pb&j sandwich, apple, Cheetos, tootsie roll pop and water. We rode the road for quite some time – past the tiny town of Otto - and came across an Amish bakery stand. Of course I had to stop to see what was there – pies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, bread, etc. I decided to buy a batch of cinnamon rolls to share and a jelly donut which I split up for the...

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Jun 8, 2017 - Work aways come, work aways go

Tuesday, 6/6/17 Rainy day all day. House door locked. Didn’t get in for breakfast until around 10:00. Someone had locked the door by accident – we could have knocked or yelled but didn’t. We just waited around until Alice came out to look for us wondering where everyone was. Marty and I drove into Ellicottville with the new work away Stanley. Marty and I hung out at the brewery for their wi fi to catch up on bills, take a phone call, and chart out our trips to Michigan, Ohio, and Keuka Lake. Wednesday, 6/7/17 Sun came out to start a...

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Jun 5, 2017 - Camera Story

No guests today which was nice. Lots of laundry to catch up on from the girl scouts. Joe, Garrett, and I went up to clear out some trails of fallen tree debris. Joe took the 4 wheeler with the chain saw and supplies. Garrett rode Bandit and I rode Casey, or so I thought. LOL! I thought I was taking Casey and he was such a peach to groom and saddle – so unlike the previous day when he was trying to bite and kick the entire time. I realized later that it was actually Buckles – a much more mild mannered horse. And I thought I had made an...

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Jun 3, 2017 - Few Days Update

It’s been busy this week. Summarizing the week….. Tuesday: After morning chores we returned to Ellicottville to check out the remainder of the town. A sock store, a gift store with some good candle deals, and a couple antique stores. Marty and I ended up at the Ellicottville Brewery for a bite to eat and some wi fi to catch up on the household accounting. They have a nice outdoor patio with a fountain and flowers and it’s a nice quiet place to just chill for awhile. Wednesday: After morning chores Marty and I went with Alice, her girls, and...

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May 29, 2017 - Memorial Day

Marty and I have started our routine of jogging up the road and back each morning. The mornings are sure pretty when it isn’t raining. Saturday we saw a fox on the road. Marty thought it was another dog and wanted to check it out. The wild flowers (columbines I think) are blooming alongside the road. Purples, whites, and yellows. Very pretty. I thought I had an easy day today, but apparently I have 3 rides to lead. Surprise!

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May 28, 2017 - Getting into the routine

I am not used to so much physical activity. I have been too exhausted to think every evening. Today I am feeling better than I have in a while. Must be acclimating, but my feed still hurt! Ozzie and Santi left at 11:00 AM on Saturday for the airport, then New York, then on to Columbia for a month rest then another work away. They were an interesting couple – Ozzie has a program application that he sells and implements. So he works remotely all over the world as he works as a work away. The boys let me do the Saturday morning feeding solo…....

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May 25, 2017 - First Day Phone Story

It is raining here this morning. Once of those cold, constant rains that I remember from living in the north. Not a downpour but enough to make one miserably wet. I met Ozzie and Santi at 8:00 for the AM horse feed. It took about 1 ½ hours to prepare the feed buckets then get the horses in and out. It will take me longer on my own and I hope that I have who gets what and who’s who by Sunday. First stop was doing inventory on the feed. There is a grain room where food bags are stored and a feed room where the bins of food and feed buckets...

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May 24, 2017 - There at the Ranch

I woke up well rested and visited with Cindi while she made breakfast. We then took the dawgs on a nice long walk, then I packed up and headed to the ranch. The drive was nice and easy and we stopped at a rest stop on the Cattaraugus River. I didn’t realize how nice, clean, and useful rest stops were until this trip. This had beautiful views of the river. After I had gathered some information on the Finger Lakes and Ellicottville I decided to go straight to the ranch instead of a side trip to Ellicottville. I will not be able to return...

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