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Jun 3, 2011 - The End - Montauk

June 1 - 3. A quick stop at Amy's to wash and repack before heading out to Long Island with the destination Montauk. This is the end of the road as far as Long Island in concerned as it is the far tip of the island. This was a few days relaxing at the beach before we head west on a 4 month cross country odyssey. We drove out on the North Shore of Long Island, stopping at Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor, 2 places Billy Joel references in his songs. Wednesday morning was a heavy fog day that did not lift until late in the afternoon. The...

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Team GO

Jul 30, 2008 - Montauk, NY

By Wednesday Mark and I were worn out from eating, drinking, talking, sweating, and fighting the city crowds. So we decided a little beach time was exactly what we needed to recharge. And what better place to see the beach then in the Hamptons! Only problem was – it took us two hours to drive all the way out to Montauk, which is the furthest point east that you can drive on Long Island. Most of the drive is freeway. But as we entered the Hamptons area the speed limit dropped to 35 mph, the lanes decrease to two, and the many traffic lights...

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