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Sep 24, 2017 - Woodstock Revisited

Today featured a two hour drive to the place where Woodstock happened in August, 1969. I was in San Diego, CA and my sister was still in school then and too young to go. We were surprised that is was held so far away from the NYS Thruway, because the amount of traffic coming here closed that highway (must have closed Routes 17 and 17B as well)! First we went to the Harvest Festival which was in the field where Woodstock revelers listened to all those acts from Friday evening to Monday morning. There were many big white tents erected to...

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Jun 27, 2015 - Woodstock

Friday 26 Last week we were told on the phone that reservations at our next stop would not be accepted, so we took a chance and called “Hill Top” when we were about an hour away, asking if they had an available site for us? They said yes and, after driving a very long, very steep, very narrow road we arrived at this remote mountaintop facility. What can I say? The hilltop view was pleasant and they accepted our Passport America membership discount. However, we wouldn't choose this campground again, nor recommend it to others. They do offer...

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Sep 15, 2014 - Woodstock - Bethel Woods Center of the Arts

We heard about the Bethel Woods Center of the Arts from Jean, the other workamper at Interlake who had to leave early because of problems at home. She said it was really a fun place to visit with lots of pictures, videos and music. We didn't go to Woodstock but then everyone heard about it! I was working full time for lawyers in the small town of Monticello, Iowa and taking care of my two little ones. In 1969 Sandi would have been 4 and Lori would have been 1 1/2. Lee was attending Drexel College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he and his...

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Sep 8, 2013 - Heritage Faire at Bethel Woods

I wasn't sure I was leaving this morning because I wasn't feeling well, but if I didn't go, I would miss seeing Heidi & Kelly and their baby, Cammi up at Lake Gerry. I feel better in the mornings and it wasn't raining, so I got ready to go. Brandon came by while I was unhooking water, sewer, adn electric. He got the 30/50 amp connector apart from the electric cord and then rolled that cord up into the bay of the RV. I would have had to get someone working in the campground to get that for me this time, because I wasn't very strong. So, I...

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Aug 2, 2013 - Woodstock

Woke up to some nice sunny weather. Decided to drive 18 miles to the Town of Woodstock. It is a very art and music oriented place. From what we understand, it was that way in the 60's, even Bob Dylan lived there back then. It was the reason they chose it for the place to have the concert, but was moved because the county would not approve the permit. We strolled around town and into a few shops. Took some pictures and tried to get in the groove. It didn't happen! Little to touristy, even for us. Decided to go where 'The Event' took place....

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Jun 22, 2013 - Joan Baez & Indigo Girls at Bethel Woods

Joan made her first appearance here since playing on the outdoor stage down the hill for Woodstock in 1969! The Indigo Girls were great, and Joan came out and danced on stage to one of their songs! They all came on stage for the night's encore and played at least 4 songs together! It was a great night of music! Joan's son, Gabriel, is her drummer and she was pregnant with him during Woodstock! I ran into Allen (nicknamed Hoss) who works at Kittatinny's Outdoor Adventure, next to where I am parked. Allen brought his father along because his...

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Jun 3, 2013 - Woodstock - almost 44 years too late!

On my way to Mom's house after getting my car serviced in PA, I went by Bethel Woods Center for Performing Arts and the site of the Woodstock happening of mid August, 1969! I just had to stop to see it and found that there is a Woodstock museum and performing arts center there now. The field has been left alone, so the buildings are on top of the hill and south of the original concert. The museum was nostalgic even though I didn't go to Woodstock (I was in San Diego getting trained to fix military radios) because I remember so much of the...

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Jun 19, 2010 - Woodstock--Bethel, New York

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