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Jun 23, 2020 - Final destination is at Kittatinny

I drove to my temporary spot (2 weeks) in the Kittatinny campground in Barryville and had to have someone help me get into the only spot they would let me have until July 7. They rented out my normal spot because they wouldn’t hold it for me. They wanted payment up front but the Federal Government pays upon completion of service. I have been there for 6 other years, but the manager didn’t budge. I am not her favorite person and she doesn’t talk directly to me. The owner allowed me in the campground sites (including the Milford site – a...

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May 21, 2018 - Arrival!

The day was decent, allowing me to spend the afternoon cleaning the road dirt off my home and car. I have to clean the bugs off the windshield and front yet. Still no TV, no internet, and very poor phone service. I could receive a text but not send one. So, I went to the gas station in PA to make my phone calls to family and friends.

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May 14, 2017 - Spring Travel from Florida to NY

My trip north was uneventful if an event means something happening on the road or while parked that is life changing. But it was eventful because how can one go for 3 days with no happenings? On May 11, I traveled from Fort De Soto County Park to a Walmart just north of Savannah, Georgia. It was a very hot day that reached 100 degrees for a bit! Of course, the engine air conditioner could not keep things cool enough so I ran the generator and the main cabin air conditioner for 3 hours on the road. I couldn’t get to sleep until I ran the...

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Apr 25, 2015 - Eventful trip North!

4/22 I got a later than expected start. First, it decided to rain this morning, so I waited it out. Then I took the motor home to the gas station up the road and had to wait almost 1/2 hour to get to a gas pump. Then, there were credit card issues with my new card that had the address changed from Florida to SD for billing purposes. I made it to Walmart in Brunswick, GA before nightfall though. A guy guided me to a parking spot – he does it all the time! 4/23 went to junction of 81 & 77 in VA, then south one exit to Flying J but I got...

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Jun 14, 2013 - High Water Effects

So much rain in the area of the Catskills and even the Poconos brought lots of water down the tributaries and into the Delaware River. The water level was well over 9 feet and due to crest at 10. I didn’t know that it would go up even higher when I went on an adventure to the access sites to take pictures of the high, fast moving waters this morning. Most of us were in the office all day because park personnel are not allowed to use canoes on the river when it goes over 6 feet. Law enforcement personnel have power boats, so they go out as...

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May 24, 2013 - 2nd week of training

This week's training was really important for our jobs this summer. Returning seasonals attended as well as the interns and volunteers. We learned how to use a fire extinguisher and what types are for what fires, first aid and CPR, knot tying and throwing a tow rope, swimming with and without a life jacket but getting into one in the water, and canoeing using different strokes. I had some scary events with this. I did okay with finding my life jacket and getting it on, but weakened while swimming with it on. Katherine ended up letting me...

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May 8, 2013 - Across PA to my summer home!

I actually saw the sun this morning and drove over an hour before the rains came again! It was pouring when I filled up with gas for the last time and when I needed to unhook the car and put my home into a camping spot. But, I will have to move it tomorrow after they move the picnic table in the middle of the spot I'm supposed to have. I went to the Zane Grey Home and Museum and met a couple of the rangers I will be working with. Ingrid was at a meeting and will be ready to see me tomorrow afternoon. It looks like I will be removing "rock...

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