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Jun 24, 2009 - Across the salt flats

I am currently on catch up mode...at the Library here in Napa, which is beautiful. So text will be short and dependent upon my memory, which is as reliable as the internet service that I've had. This day was flat...all day long. From outside Salt Lake City, where we saw a bit of the Salt Lake...deposits of salt were seen everywhere, and continued into NV. Nothing remarkable...a long, flat drive. Along the way, this interesting symbol, maybe related to the Olympics. We didn't stop at Bonneville...but were very near by. There were...

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Jun 13, 2009 - On the way up the hill

We stopped on the way up I-80 because our pressure pro told us one of the truck tires was losing air and it was. There were 2 serious accidents coming through Reno. But we made it to Wells NV through some rain, meeting Mike and Sally Theroux, HitchHiker owners from Roseville, there. It was cool but the sun had come out. The next day we traveled together to Targhee Motel & RV Park (think Bates Motel) in Idaho Falls, ID where we met Murray and Shelle McDole, HitchHiker owners from Huntington Beach, for another overnighter. That place should...

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Sep 16, 2008 - Wells, Nevada

Wells, Nevada was the site of those earthquakes of last year. All of historic downtown suffered severe structural damage, and only one of the 19th century businesses is still in operation. Some of the residents moved into their RVs, some repaired their homes, and some just left everything. The visitors' center has not yet reopened. All in all, it's a sad place to be. However, there are lots of dirt roads to explore, and the weather is spectacular, 80's during the day and high 40's during the night. Thursday, we are heading for Mt. Pleasant,...

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Sep 8, 2008 - Wells, NV

Drove to Reno, NV. Found a Firestone as we had picked up a nail on the Jeep and we had bought the tires at Firestone w/roadhandler warranty so if we had such a problem our chances of finding a Firestone was better than some of the others. As luck would have it the Firestone we found was just south of town and there was a large Casino a half a block away so we were able to park the RV, drop the Jeep and walk back to the RV. We had a lunch then went into the Casino for a while. Picked up the Jeep and checked out the town, stopped at a...

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Aug 28, 2008 - Goodbye Peter!

After a lovely stay last night in a wild canyon in Utah with only one other camper in the entire campground (!), we drove to Salt Lake City today and put Peter on a plane back home. It is his turn for working Labor Day weekend. It felt strange driving our RV into the airport for a dropoff, and soon I was on the way home with the twins, just us girls for the last leg of our great adventure! Today's drive was oddly comforting - mostly desert really and a great wide salt flat. I find deserts soothing and peaceful - at least driving through...

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Jul 21, 2008 - Going to Wells

July 21...Crossroads RV---Wells, NV We went to eat breakfast with Uncle Bob & Mike again this morning. We had a great visit and enjoyed our meal a lot. We left to get fuel and go back for our RV at 8:40 AM. Checkout is 11AM at Century RV. We we're ready by 10:15...I couldn't believe we had gotten ready to leave that fast. We had done a little of the prep the evening before but it didn't seem like we had done too much. Going out of Ogden and down to Salt Lake City was an easy ride. We found I-80 west without any problem. We passed The Great...

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Jun 4, 2008 - Northeast To Wells Nevada

6/4 Getting up before breakfast, we were packed ,'hitched and on the road by 7:00 AM . The first stop was in Sparks, Nevada to fuel the 'diesel car'. The Nevada roads put the CA roads to shame. They are well maintained- smooth and provide a non bumpy ride. There is no litter along the roadsides either. I was amazed at the sharp contrast between Ca and Nevada after we passed into Nevada. The Mts. have no trees . Nevada, along the I-80, has no tree except a few here and there along wet areas. Two beautiful rivers flow along the wayside....

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Jul 7, 2007 - Crossroads RV, Wells NV, Elev 5667 ft

Wells NV. This campground is not what we were expecting but we're here for only 2 nights then we're moving on. We traveled through the Bonneville Salt Flats today. That was quite spectacular. It looked like it had just snowed. Everything was so white and so flat. We're back in the Pacific Time Zone! We haven't seen that for almost a year.

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Jun 10, 2007 - Across Utah to Nevada

R-Drove across Utah today, mostly flat and easy driving. We didn't stop much but just kept on driving. I had never seen the area west of Salt Lake City. There are quite a few miles where the Great Salt Lake is on the right and mountains are on the left. One striking feature is that when we have crossed state lines, the topography seems to change. Crossing from Wyoming to Utah, it changed from rolling hills to more mountains. Crossing from Utah to Nevada changed from fairly dry land to dessert. And certainly Nevada is more desolate--at least...

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