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Apr 26, 2020 - beautiful!

Once we left southern Illinois, the land was flat and boring. It we had taken the Indiana route, it would look just the same. As we drove north we watched the fresh green leaves of spring disappear. Many of the fields looked plowed and ready for planting, but there was little greeness to see except the grass. The drive was easy except for the gusty winds that made Ken feel like he was driving a bucking bronco. Traffic is usually light on I-57, but today there was even less competition for the pavement. We had emptied our black (sewage) tank...

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Dec 26, 2019 - stowing the piles

We are only allowed to park the motor home in front of our house for 24 hours. Before every trip we prepare piles of things to take and run back and forth throwing the piles into the coach. This can be a real ordeal. We will never forget the year we left for the winter carrying our belongings through huge drifts of snow and waiting for the engine to turn over in -4º temperatures. And now we will also never forget the year when it was a balmy 62º and we loaded the motor home in shirt sleeves wearing flip flops. We couldn’t have asked for a...

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Dec 19, 2019 - final thoughts

After we come home from a lengthy trip somewhere new, I like to pause and think about it; what did we learn, was it worth doing, would I go back, could we have done it on our own. I like to write while memories and impressions are still fresh and after I have recovered from jet lag. As I am writing this, we have been home five days and I am still unable to sleep more than six hours a night; not quite back to normal. I am at the tipping point: memories are already less vivid but I still feel deficient in the cognition department. Here...

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Dec 13, 2019 - home again

3:30 am We are sitting in the Tel Aviv Business Class lounge waiting for the first leg of our flight home via Lisbon to board. After three hours of fitful sleep it's hard to stay awake and I'm guzzling coffee, hoping I don't doze and miss boarding. Security in Tel Aviv was thorough and efficient. After a brief interview it all proceeded pretty much as it would at home, except we got to leave our shoes on. Ken's carry-on got an additional pass due to an overabundance of wires, but that's happened to us every so often most everywhere. The...

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Nov 1, 2019 - the pre-trip

The motor home had been sitting still since Easter, so it was time to give it a little exercise before we head off to Israel. Where to go? We weren’t looking for an epic journey, but wanted something interesting and useful to do. The annual International Newmar Rally being held this year in Syracuse NY fit the bill. Newmar is the manufacturer of our motor home and after its recent sale to the Winnebago company, there was tons of buzz online about whether things would change as a result. The rally was sponsored by Newmar, but much of the...

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Aug 30, 2019 - final thoughts

Ecuador is a country that needs better marketing. The only attraction there most Americans have heard of is the Galapagos Islands and even then, when people asked us where we were going, we got a lot of blank faces and "huh?" The variety of scenery and experiences you can have there, means that it is hard to imagine that someone couldn't find fun and interesting things to do in this user friendly country. As I have mentioned before, Ecuador has tropical beaches, gorgeous mountain scenery and endless fascination for animal and plant lovers...

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Aug 27, 2019 - fly home via Miami

A leisurely start to the day found us climbing the 444 steps to the stop of the hill where the light house is perched. This area is right next to the malecon where we walked yesterday. The buildings are brightly decorated and festooned with tropical plants. By the time we worked our way back down, restaurants and shops there were beginning to open. We encountered very few people speaking English, but this area is clearly a favorite for South American tourists. Most South American flights leave around midnight, which poses a problem when the...

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Aug 2, 2019 - all ready

We got a lot done this week including taking our motor home back to Indiana where it was manufactured and replacing the furniture, because the fabric was disintegrating. I won't rant and rave about it again since I already did that on this blog site last February, but this end of the operation went very smoothly and it was finished a day early, which meant we could spend today at home reassessing what we have in our suitcases for our next travel adventure. Because the furniture was in good condition, we had to wait for slip covers to be...

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Aug 1, 2019 - summer fun

We have lived in the Chicago area all our lives and as usual the summer has been filled with the interesting activities our area always has to offer. A few highlights: The musical “Six,” which debuted in the West End in London and is moving to Broadway after an extended run here was a real find. All the dramas we’ve been watching on PBS about British royalty more or less long ago, have piqued our interest: nothing more so than the lives of the six women who had the misfortune of marrying Henry VIII. In this show the queens perform their...

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Apr 22, 2019 - all good things come to an end

It's hard to believe, but we are finally at home to stay for a while. This trip began at the beginning of September and except for a holiday hiatus, we have been in the motor home so long, it feels more like home than our house does. We could have made it all the way here yesterday, but the driver was getting tired of driving and since he never gets any help from me, he calls the shots. The motor home does not fit very well on the tiny street in front of our house, so we try to bring it home clean and ready to unpack. So we stayed in Elhart...

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Dec 25, 2018 - Merry Christmas

Because Thanksgiving was unusually early this year, we’ve enjoyed lots of time at home. Even so the time really flew by; perhaps this is a symptom of our old age. Every day is full; I never get as much done as I plan. After a great Thanksgiving feast at our niece’s home, the time was filled by doctors’ visits. Because our medical insurance is best utilized while we are in Illinois, I had appointments stacked up like pancakes. Most were routine, but an additional surgery on my heel was unexpected and unwanted. Two years ago I had surgery to...

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Nov 19, 2018 - ready to get out of the car

Another long, but uneventful day of driving has brought us home again. We watched the leaves disappear from the trees and the sky darken. Most of Illinois is flat and dull looking, especially when the fields are bare. But the roads were dry and clear and we cannot complain. Holiday decorations will lift the spirits and ground us in the fact that it really is winter.

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