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Dec 17, 2013 - Last Day at Sheri's

We had a good visit with the Askews. The grand kids have really grown up. Prudy surprised the kids. They thought they could beat her in ping pong. Little did they know...grandma used to play donkey basketball and anyone who can play basketball riding on a donkey can whup just about anyone in ping pong. It finally warmed up enough to get our truck tires unstuck from their driveway so we bid farewell and headed to Belleville...again, and to warmer weather.

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Dec 16, 2013 - Nothing Going On Today

Prudy and Sheri took off this morning to do errands and shopping, of course. I stayed at the house and did computing, of course. The dogs were well behaved and I still haven't seen hide nor hair of the 2 cats. I'm not even sure they exist. It snowed again this afternoon and is still darn cold here, 7 degrees or so. Sure miss Tucson. We will be leaving here Wednesday morning to head back to Belleville for a couple of days and then on to Mike's house in Tennessee. We are hoping it is warmer down there. That's it, I told you there was nothing...

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Dec 15, 2013 - Been to Belleville and back to Sheri's

We had to make a unexpected quick trip to Belleville on Friday. Paula Klein, Prudy's best friend for 58 years, passed away last Wednesday. She had been ill for a month or so. She was a special lady and that was verified by the hundreds and hundreds of people that showed up to honor her and to pay their respects. She will be missed. We are back at Sheri's home until Wednesday and then we will be headed back to Belleville again. We stayed at our friends, Jack and Rosey's while we were there for the funeral. We will be staying with them again...

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Dec 9, 2013 - Made It To Sheri's

We made it to Sheri's around noon today. We will be here through Sunday and will be leaving here Monday for Belleville if the weather allows. The forecast isn't all that encouraging but that could change. Looking forward to having Zapata's shrimp jambalaya (hot) with Jack and Rosie. I like to watch Jack sweat ;-) Sheri is in Florida with Craig and Dalton for Dalton's football tournament so it is just me, Prudy, Carter and Delilah, two dogs, two cats (which we haven't seen as yet) and a chill factor of -5. I will be taking Carter to his...

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