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Nov 11, 2017 - Alatoona Landing

After a great stay in Tennessee we continued south to Georgia. First stop was Alatoona Landing, a campground we had stayed in before near a Civil War battlefield. It was also just outside of Woodstock where my oldest son lives. Two birds with one stone. Fortunately they did have room for us, so we signed up for 2 nights. Getting here was a little more interesting than usual. We kind of took the scenic route by making a wrong turn just out of the campground. Then had to wind around a bit to get back on track, not always an easy proposition...

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Aug 9, 2014 - By the time I got to Woodstock.... (GA, not NY)

Having made our move to our new campground, we are ready to venture out to some sights in Atlanta. All recommendations lead to the Zoo, Aquarium, CNN Atlanta headquarters, and taking a journey back through the history of Coca Cola...so off we went. The GA Aquarium was recently named tops in the nation and it's no secret why they earned that honor - the place was well designed and very accommodating. Every exhibit was entertaining and enlightening, even for us old folk, and the fish and sea critters were all well displayed for all to...

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Apr 13, 2013 - On The Road

Tuesday, April 09, 2013—Pittsview, AL. Our cottage has moved from lakefront to a cozy cabin in the woods as we slowly make our way north. Move day again today. 127 miles along two lane roads with little or no traffic. A very pleasant drive through the country past fields and farms. Most fields are being tilled and prepared for planting. The only crop we saw actively growing was onions. Wednesday, April 10, 2013—Pittsview, AL. Day of rest today. We did our usual “drive around” the campground picking out the best sites for us. As this is...

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Jun 15, 2011 - Pure Excitement

Life has been a roller coaster lately. One of those that moves really slowly and involves large amounts of carbs if such a roller coaster exists. Being home gave me a wonderful escape from Pikeville and the hell of two years that I experienced there. My insecurities and character flaws were all demonstrated on full display for EVERYONE TO SEE. It was definitely one of those experiences that I will come to appreciate years and years and years...and years and years, etc. from now. I was able to better understand myself and see how I was being...

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Just the Beginning

Dec 12, 2009 - Kennesaw and Wild Man

12/12/09 Off we go this morning….Bob to the Civil War Museum in Kennesaw and I to go geocaching. Just as we were leaving the RV, we were greeted by two local police cars. Bob said there were originally 3 but the one left as he was going down the steps. It seems someone was a little concerned about our parking here so the cops came to check it out. After explaining our situation, they said everything was okay so I asked them to keep an eye on the RV as they occasionally drove by. I dropped Bob off at the museum and off I went on my...

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Dec 10, 2009 - OTRA - GA - Woodstock

12/10/09 Well, what an exciting (NOT!) day this turned out to be. We were headed for the short (2 1/2 hour) drive to Perry, GA but ended up with a 1/2 hour drive to Woodstock, GA. Bob very expertly backed the truck under the trailer to hitch up (we were at a bit of an angle), we got all loaded up and off we went….except we had to go up a short steep hill shortly after leaving the campsite driveway…and the truck couldn’t make it up the hill!! It would get so far and then just stop. So I’d back down a bit, trying to see Bob in my mirror to...

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