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Apr 27, 2015 - Tulelake & horseradish &

We once spent some time in the Tulelake area, so we know it is the location of "Captain Jack's Stronghold, named for Modoc chief Captain Jack (Kintpuash in Modoc), part of Lava Beds National Monument. Tulelake is also famous for horseradish, and infamous for being the location of one of the Japanese internment camps during WWII. We crossed into CA from the Nevada side which gave up marvelous views of Mount Shasta from the back side. It was beautiful. We stayed overnight in the Tulelake Fairgrounds RV Park.

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Rambling Rodericks

Apr 13, 2014 - Caves Below and Lakes Above

Our next stop is in Tule Lake, Ca which is about 5 miles south of the Oregon border. We found a fairgrounds with RV sites which is right near the Lava Beds National Monument. We park Otto (and once again are the only ones here) and head off for the lava beds. It is really quite interesting to see the evidence of where the lava came from the volcanoes in the area, the lava tubes which are now caves and the cinder cones which used to be the volcanoes. There was also a local Indian tribe which battled for many years with the troops who moved...

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Nov 7, 2013 - New Sneakers!!!

Tues Nov 4 We left Eugene and headed down I-5 another 70 miles to Big O Tires in Roseburg. The weather was starting to clear and we could see more of the surrounding countryside. This is similar to other northern tier states such as Montana with it’s rolling hills covered with grass and a patchwork of pine. We arrived in Roseburg in the late morning and the guys at Big O were great. They got our new trailer “sneakers” on right quick. Now we should be good to go for a while! We whole-heartily recommend Big O in both Roseburg and Great Falls,...

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Oct 3, 2010 - Segregation and Lava tubes

Oct 3, 2010 Well, Mom and Dad are leaving again to go sightseeing and I am going to go hide under the dash. This upsets Dad, he is afraid I will get caught. I will reappear when they return. So long, have a nice day. Mike and I head out at 8:40 to drive over to the museum here at the fairgrounds. We are meeting our tour guide for this morning’s tour of the Tule Lake Segregation Unit. Lily is already there when we arrive and she lets us go out into the back area of the museum and see the one barrack that is set up here and the guard tower....

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Oct 2, 2010 - POW's and wildlife

2 oct 2010, 70142 231.1 8:45 Sunny clear skies this morning but it was colder last night, I ended up sleeping with Mom and Dad, of course I had to wake them up first to let them know it was cold. We are headed to Tulelake, CA today. We will be staying at the Tulelake, Butte Valley Fairgrounds. We arrive at 11:30 and for only $13.00 a night (Passport America) it is real nice. We are parked on green grass with full hookups, water, electric and sewer. The humans have a snack, I am going to finish my nap, I mean after all it was only a 3...

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Sep 28, 2010 - Why Call it a Refuge?

(Art writing) It was early in the morning during our first night at the Tulelake fairgounds when we were stirred out of a deep sleep to the sounds of gun fire. Bam! Bam-Bam! Bam-Bam-Bam! What was that? What it a gangland shooting, was it domestic dispute, do we have to run for our lives? No, it’s duck hunting season at the Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge. But wait, isn’t this a refuge? Hmmmm According to Wiki, the definition of a refuge is: A wildlife refuge, also called a wildlife sanctuary, may be a naturally-occurring sanctuary, such...

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Sep 25, 2010 - Volcano to Volcano

Our waltz through Oregon was short and now sadly over. After our visit to Bend, our route took on a theme of sorts. We’ve been “crater” or “caldera” hopping depending on who you talk to. Modern terminology now prefers the use of the word caldera when referring to a depression caused by a volcano and the word crater when referring to the depression made by impact from a meteorite. As we headed south from Bend, our first visit was to Newberry Volcanic National Monument. The eruption millions of years ago created this area and now has two...

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