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Nov 1, 2019 - San Francisco

China Town Day 58 Our last day in San Francisco we decide to go into the city to see a few of the sights we have so far missed. Driving down to the station seems sensible as it is only $3 to park for the day. The BART train is very much like the tube in London, quick and takes us right to the Embarcadero. We exit the station, and come out opposite the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I stayed here 40 years ago when it was brand new so want to go in and see if it is as I remember. This hotel was very modern at the time with a full height atrium and...

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Oct 30, 2019 - The Peninsula

Back to Val and Wick's Day 53 Sports and Pamper Today Mark and Marcus are going to the American Football match to watch the San Francisco 49ERS play the Carolina Panthers. They set off to catch the train down to Santa Clara at 10.30 a.m. However, the trains are delayed as there have been power cuts throughout the city due to the fires. They, Wick and Andy manage to climb onto a packed train and they're off for the day. Val and I drive down to Burlingame to Anne's house for coffee before we set off for lunch. I meet Anne's sister...

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Oct 18, 2019 - Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park Day 44 We drive into the city to visit Golden Gate Park. Highway 1 continues through the park to the Golden Gate bridge which we can see in the distance. This is a spectacular sight even with the twin towers hidden at the top by the low mist. Free parking on the roads in the park is for four hours, and there are lines of vehicles already parked up. We manage to find a space near to the music concourse, de Young Museum and the Academy of Sciences. The de Young Museum is the oldest of San Francisco’s museums but it is housed...

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Oct 17, 2019 - Half Moon Bay

The Pacific Day 43 Wick has gone to Los Angeles for three days on business and Val has decided she is going to take us out for the day. Once in the car Mark sets the satnav but we soon realise that Val has much quicker routes by back roads and turn it off. Travelling up into the San Francisco hills we pass a reservoir and wooded slopes. The road winds towards the coast passing about 10 pumpkin farms advertising tractor rides, hay bale mazes and a multitude of other activities beside pumpkins. They really take this Halloween malarkey...

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Oct 16, 2019 - The Embarcadero

Into the City Day 42 Today we are venturing into San Francisco by train. After a brisk mile walk to the station we board the Caltrain to the end of the line, realising we have purchased the wrong ticket (We have underpaid but no one checks our tickets). On our way into San Francisco we are shocked to see the very large tent city of homeless by the railway tracks, tucked amongst breakers yards and rubbish tips. We have been warned about the numbers of homeless but couldn't imagine how bad it was. The station is only four blocks from the...

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Oct 15, 2019 - Millbrae

Old Friends Day 40 Merced to Millbrae Today we are travelling to Millbrae, San Francisco to stay with old friends. They moved to live out here over thirty years ago and this is the first time Marcus and I have been out to see them (Mark came out in 2001). The journey is pretty uneventful as we spend most of it on interstate roads. We do pull off for coffee at a truck stop in the hills between Merced and the coast. This is an experience in itself. The coffee shack is a drive through with a window which starts almost at ground level. The...

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Sep 24, 2019 - San Francisco - Last Day

Last night, I took a chance to capture a picture of Oracle Park, at least the top part, during a night game between the SF Giants and the Colorado Rockies. The first picture shows the not too bad result. Tonight, Sandy and I will attend a game between the same two Major League Baseball teams. We decided to take a ferry over to Sausalito to see the quaint town. Prior to doing so, we spied a large amount of sea lions sunning themselves adjacent to Pier 39 at the Embarcadero. Not only having them in immediate proximity to humans surprised us,...

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Sep 23, 2019 - San Francisco - First full day

Beautiful weather today in San Francisco. Alas, we can't say the same for parts of the city. As we entered the city yesterday, we saw scads of homeless men and women. We kind of chalked that up to the section we drove through. Today's bus tour showed us that the number of so-called "street people" was even more than we initially thought. That's a bummer for these people, the city, and tourists. Somewhat to our surprise, there still were a great amount of tourists thronging almost every venue in the city. Consequently, we could not get to...

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Sep 22, 2019 - Sep 20-22 - Updates from Yosemite & today in San Francisco

While at Yosemite on the 20th and 21st, we had problems accessing the internet. Thus, no updates on those days. However, now that we are in San Francisco, CA, this update will have the stuff from Yosemite and a few early pictures from San Francisco. Yosemite National Park is awesome! The park encompasses some 1,200 square miles. The steepness of its hills and mountains is totally different from any that Sandy or I have seen in their East Coast cousins. There is a certain ruggedness to the terrain. It's almost as if the different geographic...

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Sep 5, 2019 - Amtrak

We had a great breakfast buffet at the hotel and then a very short taxi ride to Union Station to get the train. Getting to Amtrak was a breeze. Union Station in LA was only a short cab ride, and all the Amtrak employees were courteous, friendly, and helpful. Big change from the airline situation! As we had a "sleeper car" reservation, we got to go to the "first class" lounge and also a ride to the train in a large golf-cart sort of thing when it was time to get on. We found our bedroom on the train with no difficulty and, while it is not...

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Aug 24, 2019 - San Francisco - Exploring the city

We made the most of our last full day of the holiday, exploring the city. Kevin started the day by going to Park Run, alongside the Golden Gate Bridge, while the rest of us went back to Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions again. We then walked along to Ghirardelli Square. We then walked the short but steep route to Lombard Street. We then took the historic tram line up to Union Square and visited Yerba Beuna Gardens. After a short Potter around the shops we headed back down to Fisherman’s Wharf and did some tasting of Californian wines and popped...

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Aug 23, 2019 - San Francisco

Today we drove from Monterey to San Francisco, stopping off at a shopping outlet. After checking in to our hotel we walked to Fisherman’s Wharf - Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions. There were hundreds of them putting on a performance for the tourists! We saw Alcatraz and the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge (mostly covered in fog) and ate fish and chips on the pier.

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