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Jun 19, 2010 - Hike Montana De Oro

Six miles south of Morro Bay lies the coastal state park of Montana De Oro. In Spanish that means "mountain of gold". The vista upon arriving was certainly golden. Fields upon fields of yellow flowers greeted us as the early morning sun burned brightly behind us and reflected off the multi colored green waters of the pacific. The sky was crystal blue and cloudless. The sandy trail wound in and out following the rugged coastline cut by the powerful waters of the pacific. The cliffs are rugged and the beaches secluded and unique. There are...

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Jun 18, 2010 - Kayak Santa Margarita

It was quite cool,52 degrees, when we departed for Lake Santa Margarita. About 20 miles inlanhd it was 62 degrees. The cooler coastal temperature is because of the cloudy coastal marine layer. The lake was in the sun and the temperature was just right when we launched. We struck a route following the grassy and reedy coastline. There were several areas of great and prominent rocks. The surrounding hills were forested. The early morning quiet was pervasive and broken only by the gentle rush of water as it broke before the kayak's hull. The...

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Jun 17, 2010 - Kayak & Wine Tour

Lake Lopez sits in the valley of Arroyo Grande. It is swept by strong westerly breezes arising from the Pacific. It is a water reservoir for the surrounding communities and serves also as a great recreation area. The lake is rich with bird life and has an excellent variety of game fish. The lake lies just east of San Luis Obispo and is 940 acres in size. It lies adjacent to the Edna Valley wine country. The lake is in a pastoral setting. The rolling brown hills and giant bluffs of rock add to its romance. We started perhaps a little too...

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Jun 16, 2010 - Morro Bay

We started the day at 9AM with a bike trip. We drove to Shell Beach and toured the sce the scnic Pacific coast for some three miles. The coast is rocky and especially scenic.We explored some of the many coves and rocks as the surf rolled lightly near us. A family of seals basked in the sun on a rock island not far away. Seagulls soared from the nearby cliffs and were with their newborn chicks. A trio of Kayaks were riding the surf like surfboards. The off coast breeze blew crisply. The sun gleaned off the greenish blue water and the smell...

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Jun 15, 2010 - Mira Loma to Morro Bay

We left Mira Loma at 11:30AM and drove to Morro Bay,CA to catch up with the Wolf's again and continue our adventures. WE took a route to the east of Greater Los Angeles to avoid the heavy traffic and which was far more scenic. We went east to near Barstow again and drove north through the Mojave Dessert. We passed through Boron (Twenty Mule Team-for us old timers) and past giant Edwards air force base. We basically drove the San Andreas fault line. The macadam road was quite rolling in several areas;much like a roller coaster. The scenery...

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Jun 9, 2010 - Visiting Hearst Castle

June 9 Arrived at Bay Pines RV at Morro Bay. The sites here are so narrow and short that we can hardly fit the Jeep in with the RV. It is also very windy and cold. They have a hot tub but you would freeze getting out of it. We are in jeans and long pants. On Thursday, we went to San Simeon to visit Hearst Castle. I can’t believe the fantastic structures that some people build. The Moon Pool has tiles inlaid with 24 carat gold. The Neptune Pool has historic Greek statues. 500 foot long rooms were built just to house tapestries that William...

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May 8, 2010 - Morro Bay CA

We are on the move heading up the coast of California. Just a couple of thing we want to do anlong the way. We had a very nice visit with Chuck and Sally Johnson, (our wagonmasters for Alaska 2008) in Oxnard CA. Then we went into an RV park just north of Santa Barbara but found out it was in a valley with no cell service or internet. That only lasted a day. We have moved up near Morro Bay and plan to visit Hearst Castle today and then move up near San Jose. Weather is good and all is well. Went out to see Hearst Castile today. The weather...

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Off to Alaska Again

Apr 18, 2010 - Rolling Towards The Polar

Today we drove to Morro Bay an camped at another State Park. Drove into town and saw this huge rock sticking out of the ocean. You can drive to it and part of the way around. When you see this from town it's just breath taking. The young lady who checked us into the park and her boyfriend remembered us from our last camp. People don't forget the NasCar bus. Bev and I can run but we can't hide.

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Apr 3, 2010 - Last day in Morro Bay

Saturday, April 3, did the laundry, Rock walk and wine tasting as planned. Sunny with high temperature of 59. By the way, the Californians and weather people are complaining that this has been the coldest winter that they remember. Seams fine to me. Now I don’t want to go into a laundry discussion, so let’s skip to the Rock walk. The Rock, as it turns out, not only has a road built to it, but also around about half the base. So, we walked to the Rock and around as much of the base as possible which was all on the bay side. We saw lots of...

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Apr 2, 2010 - Around Morro Bay plus Hearst Castle and wine tasting

Friday, April 2, Hearst Castle and wine tasting. Cloudy and high temperature of 60. After breakfast we drove down to the ocean front. Sitting in the bay right in front of the main part of town is a monstrous solid rock mound called Morro Rock. It is a 2 million year old extinct volcano and covers 50 acres and is 580 feet high. There are 9 similar peaks that are pretty much in a straight line for 12 miles, with Morro Rock being the only one sitting in the ocean. Some of these peaks are 1600 feet high. Somewhere in the late 1800’s a small...

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Apr 1, 2010 - Trip to Morro Bay, CA

Thursday, April 1, a nice drive to Morro Bay. Sunny and breezy with high temperature of 62. You probably wouldn’t believe it, but we had another accident. How could this be since this is a rental car and I didn’t purchase the extra insurance? Actually, April fool. Did I get you?? Moving on … our first stop, after we left our motel, was the Santa Barbara Mission. What a beautiful place. It is located on a hillside facing the ocean and was built around 1824 by Spain as a method of staking a claim to the land. It was the first of 21 such...

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Mar 1, 2010 - CA Central Coast from Monterey to Morro Bay

CLIFFS, ROCKS, AND THRASHING TURQUOISE SEA : We are delighted with our good night's sleep at the Deer Park hotel (quite nice and close to 17 mile drive entrance), stop by Monterey to get Jim's tire fixed and head down the Coastal Highway 1. Jim is pleased to try out his new car-mounted camera (based on seeing a CD developed with this by his cousin Mark) after the mist-turned-to-rain subsides (we can't have perfect weather ALL the time and given what has been going on back East, we are VERY happy). The intermittent fog creates a surreal...

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