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Jan 14, 2010 - Personal reflections (skip this if you are male)

Looks like a new blog feature “Ronnie’s Reflections” Its odd writing a blog, who am I writing it too? Am I writing it to you? Or am I writing it to myself or everybody? I think I’m talking to myself but letting you hear. I hope you think I’m writing it to you. The night here slips softly into the morning. Black, then slowly grey as the light leaks through the fog and mist. The ocean rumbles and the waves crash against the rocks. A soft moaning drifts in and out. I thought it was Rosy snoring at first but I think it’s a fog horn off in the...

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Mar 14, 2006 - The Lodi Bowman's Club and good friends

After several days in Moss Landing we drove back up the road to an archery range located east of Lodi, CA, in the Sierra foothills to join more friends (Ray and Linda Stoops). While there we helped clear and burn brush, repair trails, make steps in steep terrain, and haul rock to stabilize a dirt roadbed through the archery range. Terrific meals of ribs and chicken were barrel cooked and we had a great time. Four nights at the range ended with our departure on the first leg of our trip to Texas.

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