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Jul 5, 2017 - Bridgeport CA 7

We have fallen in love with the wild horses! We found them today off Dobie Meadows Road. For lunch, we drove to the town of Benton and ate at a cafe that would have been right at home in Bonds Crossroads, SC (where Ken is from). A rancher that we met said that he was born here, but that the town was wiped out by a huge flood some years ago and never has really recovered. Back we went to the Adobe Valley to see them again in the afternoon, though we drove different roads to find them.

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Jul 4, 2017 - Bridgeport CA 6

After finding out that there was a herd of wild horses near Mono Lake, Ken was on a mission this morning to find them. Paved roads, dirt roads, following the tracks of the others over the grassy field - we found them! Gorgeous, majestic animals, there were about 200 of them that we could see1 We watched them for quite a while, then had lunch at the Epic Cafe in Lee Vining where we enjoyed our paninis in the middle of a shady flower garden. We returned to Bridgeport where the 4th of July celebration was going strong with a craft festival,...

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Jul 3, 2017 - Bridgeport CA 5

Driving over Sonora Pass today was an experience in waterfalls - nearly one every 2 minutes, large and small. The pass climbs from 6000, our altitude here in Bridgeport, to 9500, with the warning of 25% ! grade (not for the motorhome!). Twists and turns galore, of course, as we climbed. Snow still exists at the upper altitudes. There were snowmobilers as well as folks in shorts with their saucer sleds going down slopes that were next to the road. The wildflowers are just starting to appear. Mules Ear with its yellow flowers is blooming in...

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Jul 2, 2017 - Bridgeport CA 4

We drove south the Mammoth Lakes today. The town was crowded as were all the lakes. Snow was everywhere! We had wanted to see Devil's Postpile, but the road there is still covered with ice, snow, and downed trees. The Forest Service says that it might be cleared by the end of July! We drove to some of the mountain lakes above the town. We hiked to one lake, but were interrupted from going further by water rushing over the trail in several places. We could definitely feel effects from the altitude in Mammoth Lakes. The ski resort is still...

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Jul 1, 2017 - Bridgeport CA 3

A day of total serendipity! We drove the Virginia Lake loop into the Sierras and found the beginnings of the wild flower blooming. Virginia Lakes Resort was a surprise and a delight for lunch. What a gem of a place on Little Virginia Lake. The snow on the mountains goes right down to the 45 degree water. The trout fishermen use specialized rafts with their waders to fish these lakes. The Lundy Canyon loop was beautiful, then we decided to follow a hint in a photo guide book. We drove up Log Cabin Road, a dirt road, steep, rutted, barely...

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Jun 30, 2017 - Bridgeport CA 2

We are in the Eastern Sierra mountains and the scenery is gorgeous. Today we drove to Mono Lake, an endangered lake (because LA pulled water out of it for 40 years) that is 10% salt (more than the Pacific Ocean! The lake is still beautiful and efforts have been underway to stabilize it. Then we drove over Tioga Pass into Yosemite, one of our all time favorite parks. Because of the snow melt, the waterfalls are full and spectacular. The pass just opened for the season earlier this week. We returned to Lee Vining to Mono Lake to the tufa on...

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Aug 1, 2014 - At Bridgeport Reservoir

Our first stop, Bridgeport Reservoir. The marina is a field of weeds. The floating dock is resting in another field. In the photos, you can see how far the water is from where we are camped, at what used to be the edge of the water. Smoke from Yosemite fires obscures the Sierras to the east. But tonight the wind died down and we had a nice dinner outside, beautiful weather. Linda's huge Brandywine tomatoes are delicious! 104 degrees in Sacramento, glad we're here!

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Jul 30, 2013 - Mile 857.5 - Bridgeport, CA

I left Yosemite National Park via the Tioga Pass Entrance and rode east to Lee Vining. From there I turned north on U.S. 395 for 20-something miles where I stayed my last night in Bridgeport, CA, at the Historic Bridgeport Inn. At this point I had ridden 857.5 miles through some pretty amazing backroads and three National Parks. After dinner I made the decision to get up early and make a break for home.

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Apr 22, 2013 - At Bridgeport, California

We took the scenic route out of Sacramento—up Highway 50 to Echo Summit, with a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. Then on to Highway 89, crossing the National Pony Express Trail in Nevada, then back to California. We spent the night in Bridgeport, California. This is on the eastern slopes of the Sierras, very different country from the western side—it’s drier and not forested. We had a spectacular view of the Eastern Sierras. There were small insect flying everywhere, called midges. They’re what the fish rise out of the water to eat. The...

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Aug 5, 2011 - Bridgeport, CA

Day of travel again. Driving eastern California, short jaunt into Nevada and by Reno. We didn't stop...enough of big cities...we're on a park tour... I start to stress some as we approach the city with 6 lanes of crazy people who know where they're going and will cut all over the place to get there!! Thanks be to Garmin...don't know what I'd do without it! Some people say it leads them astray....We've had darn good luck with it. Once in a while it may goof but not very often....learn how to use it and it is gooood!! Crossed a lot of open...

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Jun 19, 2011 - Fathers Day and a long drive to Mono Village Twin Lakes

after driving 365 miles we landed in Mono Village Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport. To keep myself entertained i took pictures from the highway out the window at 50 mph of old barns, some of which are pretty good. I might post a folder. We love the eastern sierra more than any other place. Since i was a kid on my first trip here with March a Larry to all the years the kids were growing up and we camped here. It just feels like home. So beautiful and the fishing and wildlife are outstanding.

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Aug 4, 2010 - Twin Lakes (Bridgeport, CA)

I arrived in Bridgeport and then Twin Lakes late in the day. After setting up camp, River and I took a walk around. Our view was of the meadow with the Sawtooth mountains behind. Still snow up there! While there we saw the usual deer and bear. Several of the days, the pack horses and mules would arrive from the high country and be picked up. Jeff, Maria and Dimitri arrived on August 7 for a few days. On the 8th, we visited Mono Lake since they had never been there. This was their first time seeing a tufa.

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