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Oct 13, 2013 - Napa Valley January 2013 - Bale Gristmill

Staying at Parker, AZ gave us the opportunity to catch up with family. We went to visit my dad and sister in So. California. When we left Parker we stopped off in Bakersfield to visit Dale's sister, Wanda, for a couple of days. We then stopped at a wonderful RV park in Patterson, CA and visited Dale's brother, Weldon, several days and spent Christmas day with our sister-in-law, Mary, in Hollister, CA and visited my brother, Mitchell and his wife and girls in Modesto, CA. We arrived at Bothe State Park to volunteer at the Bale Gristmill Dec...

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Mar 31, 2013 - Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

A quick trip to the store this morning to get the rest of the fixings to make stuffed cabbage rolls. Shane and Margarida came over for a great lunch, stuffed cabbage rolls are one of Shanes favorites and mine too especially if there are leftovers. They left shortly after lunch to get their new place in order to move into tonight.

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Mar 30, 2013 - Glad To Be On The Move Again

By 8:30AM I had finished my early morning chores of collecting yesterdays receipts from the iron rangers, put up the flags, disarmed the alarm, opened the office and shops then did my campsite check to make sure all the campers have paid. After turning in our paperwork, keys and saying our final good byes to everyone we pulled out of the park at 10AM for the ninety mile drive up to the Cal Expo RV Park in Sacramento. Finally back to my normal attire of wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts, because of all the poison oak in the park I...

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Mar 29, 2013 - Last Get Together

Once again we are only a couple of tent sites from a full house, a lot of people from Oregon, Washington and British Colombia headed home after spending the winter in Arizona as well as people on spring break. I'm definitely ready to pull out of here tomorrow, the last few weeks it has become a job here with dead lines and schedules that have to be met and a work load that I'm struggling to keep up with that adds stress. We had everyone over for pie and ice cream this evening for a final get together.

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Mar 28, 2013 - Getting Ready To Pull Out

Can't seem to get ahead of wrapping firewood bundles, I've been doing 10 too 15 bundles a day but it is selling as fast as I wrap it. Checked the tire pressures on the coach and the car, sanitized the fresh water tank and changed the water filters. Rain started around 9:00PM last night and kept it up at a pretty steady pace through the night, light rain continued through most of the morning. Spent a frustrating hour on the phone with the insurance company regarding my reimbursements, this has been going on for six weeks now

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Mar 27, 2013 - Trade Poison Oak For Mosquitoes

Our day off today so I ended up only working seven hours today. I'll be glad to get back to Montana where I will gadly trade poison oak for mosquitoes. I still manage to put in a lot of hours but now it is at a much slower pace with no stress to keep up.

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Mar 26, 2013 - Really Pissed Me Off

Sold a lot of wood this week end so that means I now have a lot of fire pits to clean. I managed to get the bottom half of the coach waxed this afternoon. We had a Japanese family of campers here for three days, after they left I discovered they had burned two of my Manzanita tree trunks that I had put up for landscaping decoration near their campsite. Got together for snacks with Bill, Sheila, Don and Marti again this evening, we pull out Saturday morning so we won't have too many more chances to get together.

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Mar 25, 2013 - Becoming a Stressful Job

Campground is still nearly full keeping us busy mostly because of all the people on spring break. Today Mary had to count $327.75 in quarters from just four of the showers. I've been putting in ten to fourteen hours a day in an attempt to keep up with the work load in the camp ground.

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Mar 24, 2013 - Volunteer & Staff Dinner

I had about eighty bundles of wood ready for the week end, as of this afternoon I have nine left. Most of our campers pulled out today so I was kept busy cleaning fire pits and campsites. This evening we had a pot luck dinner at the Bale Grist Mill for all of the volunteers and park staff.

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Mar 21, 2013 - Still Having Sleep Problems

I've really been having problems at sleeping again, back to three or four hours a night so this morning I went to see Dr. Casey at the Concordia Natural Health clinic. After reviewing the results of my blood tests he gave me some diet recommendations, and a recommendation of items to discuss with Dr. Roddy when we see her in April as well as a prescription for magnesium. I put up 39 reserved campsite cards for the weekend so we only have six tent sites left open due to the marathon we will be having here Saturday using our hiking trails.

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Mar 20, 2013 - My Beauticians Hat

Started raining last evening and continued on through most of the day today, because it has been so dry and the rain was a steady but light rain the ground has been soaking it up. Decided that it would be a good time to wash the coach while it is raining so now that that is done I can start waxing it over the next few days. Mary went into Calistoga to get her hair cut this afternoon so that means I'll be putting on my beauticians hat to dye her hair when she gets home.

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Mar 19, 2013 - Short Timers

Another ten days and we are out of here so I figured I best get started at getting things ready to go, got the six wheels waxed before it started rain. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow so maybe Thursday I can get started at washing and waxing the rest of the coach. Don and Marti brought me another truck load of oak they had split up this morning, it's amazing how heavy a bundle of oak is compared to a bundle of Douglas fir is, so I try to put a variety of wood in each bundle.

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