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May 8, 2017 - Ely

After the warm sunny day yesterday a cold biting wind caused me to change my plans slightly. I caught the train to Ely, a relatively short distance from Cambridge with the intention of visiting the Cathedral. Needed no map to find it from the station as its towers are visible from almost any place in the area. I'd also planned a boat trip on the river but it was not the weather for that although I did walk a little,of the bank seeing many of the flat boats used as homes - permanent or holiday. Ely takes its name from the eel which abounded...

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Jul 23, 2012 - Train from Gloucester to Birmingham to Ely

Today we made our way to the train station and caught the train to Birmingham Station where we had to transfer trains in the bowels of the city. It was very dark and had lifts and numerous platforms. After asking and confirming platform 5B was the correct one, we took the lift down even further into the earth and ended up on the correct platform. Once on the train we ate our Marks and Spencer's lunch of salad and lemon mousse tart and had a lovely two hour tour of the countryside Cambridgshire. We were just ten minutes from Ely when the...

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