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Aug 11, 2020 - Elsdon to Rothbury

17.1 miles from Elsdon to Rothbury The day began oddly for me soon after midnight when I was woken by the hotel fire alarm. Dazed I and other residents headed for assembly points. It soon became apparent this was not an infrequent event due, according to the owner, to flies in one of the sensors. Despite this the owner spent ten minutes trying to stop the loud and piercing siren and then peace! The problem was I couldn't get off to sleep for a while and after breakfast the day didn't get much better after my taxi ride back to the point I...

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Aug 10, 2020 - Wark to Elsdon

18 miles from Wark to Elsdon I woke after a wonderful overnight stay. It is odd in these covid 19 days to put on masks and have screens at bars and restaurants tables and be served good and drink by folk wearing face screens. That said I had a lovely cooked meal the previous night with lots of vegetables that my body has been craving for. So after settling my bar and restaurant bill and having a light breakfast, it was time to bid farewell to the hotel (pic 1). The route left the village first by a quiet lane and then a footpath crossing...

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Aug 9, 2020 - Hexham to Wark

19.1 miles from Hexham to Wark Before leaving Hexham recently voted Britain's favourite market town I need to say the evening of TV referred to in the previous days blog didn't actually occur as expected. Bored by the telly and a natural wanderlust I headed to have a wonderful Indian meal with 750 mililitres of 5.2% King Cobra beer. Very nice and no ill effects this morning as I start week 2 of the trail having covered a little over 122 miles since leaving Ravenglass the previous Sunday. Anyway I'm rabiting on, after a shower and breakfast...

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Aug 8, 2020 - Allenheads to Hexham

17.5 miles from Allenheads to Hexham To day the sun rose early and promised a sunny day ahead, and so it transpired. After breakfast I set off from the historic inn, parts of which were from the 17th century. (First photo) Allenheads is situated at the far end of the East Allen valley and records reveal a settlement existed from around 1670. Lead mining became prevalent and is celebrated at the nearby heritage centre. My very hot walk today crossed Middlehope burn and involved some walking along rivers, through valleys and at times through...

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Aug 7, 2020 - Garrigill to Allenheads

13.5 miles from Garrigill to Allenheads The day was set fine for walking. Sunny weather with occasional clouds and a light breeze are pretty well ideal. Unlike other areas of the UK having a heatwave, temperatures during the days walk were unlikely to exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So it was farewell to my host and a climb from the pretty village through quite different scenery. In the 18th and 19th centuries this would have been a very industrialised area. Lead mining was the major employer of local people including children and the...

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Aug 6, 2020 - Appleby-in-Westmorland to Garrigill

16.9 miles Appleby-in-Westmorland to Garrigill My days recently like my evenings have involved a good deal of attending to wet clothes and equipment. This morning I continued a two day hairdryer treatment on my travel guide book and it is getting less soggy. Then it was down to breakfast and donning of face covering so the proprietor could take me the short distance to the start of this morning's walk. Hey but Hallelujah someone had switched on the sun so I was able to wear a tee shirt as temperatures rose. At the drop off point the sign...

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Aug 5, 2020 - Penrith to Dufton

18.5 miles Penrith to Dufton The taxi back to Askham arrived at 8.30 am so I had an early breakfast and awaited outside my lovely over night 'digs' in Penrith. Askham is a really pretty village. I left in dull but dry weather passing the local stately home ( picture 1). The route was a pretty one, mostly along rivers, through woodland and along pretty lanes. While East Anglia basked in a heat wave the day soon settled into persistent drizzle, so again just a limited photo offering. On the way there was time to have socially distanced chats...

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Aug 4, 2020 - Ambleside to Queens Head, Asham

18.4 miles Ambleside to Queens head, Askham A dreadful day of rain and high winds awaited me as I set off from Ambleside. There was almost 90 minutes of sharp incline as I scaled Wansfell pike at 1588 feet (484 metres) of energy sapping endeavour. The summit was bleak and it was hard to stay on my feet. No joy at all to know there was an East Anglian heat wave as I took my pleasure in wet, windy Cumbria. Not a time for photos but one of the area soon after coming down to Troutbeck. I got a second wind walking along the side of Troutbeck on...

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Aug 3, 2020 - Wasdale head to Ambleside

20.7 miles Wasdale head to Holme Lea, Ambleside An early start after breakfast was the order of the day as I ventured out in sunshine to typically Lakeland scenery. All around were bold ridges, rugged crags, rock terraces, gashed ravines, rock walks buttresses and screes. All these features are in the photos taken of the day. Although longer I decided to take the lower route to Sty head (first photo). There was still a major climb to over 2000 feet and on route 1.5 hours after setting off I took the photo of Burnthwaite farm down the...

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Aug 2, 2020 - Ravenglass to Wasdale head

17.7 miles from Ravenglass to Burnthwaite farm near Wasdale head After the long journey from Lowestoft on the east coast by rail via London (see map) I had enjoyed a pleasant evening in Ravenglass staying at the Rosegarth where I had stayed once before in September 2019.I awoke to the familiar pitter patter of rain outside. Undeterred after a superb locally sourced cooked breakfast I set off suitably bedecked in waterproof gear towards Muncaster fell an isolated island of granite between two valleys. I followed the main route taken by most...

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Aug 1, 2020 - Lowestoft to Ravenglass

Lowestoft to Rosegarth guest house,Ravenglass Living in Britains most easterly town has many advantages, a superb coastline and attractive scenery but a disadvantage is the distance it seems to be from most of the country. So an early morning start was needed to board the train from Lowestoft leaving at 7.40am suitably masked up, in these covid 19 times. My plan was then to transfer to the London train which was due to leave Norwich 5 minutes after mine pulled in; take the tube across to Euston and then head up to Carlisle for a short stop...

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Jul 19, 2020 - Mablethorpe

Mablethorp In mablethorp there is a lovely beach.We own a caravan at golden sands which is in mable thorp.If you go right as you come out of the golden sands main entance/exit as you walk down you will come across a pub called The Beck. The Beck is a pub which does carverys every day of the week.The food they sell

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