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Sep 28, 2008 - Dorset

Our final day out and about in the motorhome was in Dorset, taking in Salisbury and Shaftesbury. Salisbury is a medieval town with buildings dating back as far as the 12th Century. Salisbury Cathedral is magnificent. It is celebrating its 750th birthday this year and had a fantastic display of its history on show – very interesting. For those of you who have read Pillars of the Earth, the Photograph of the restaurant is an old “chop house”. Shaftesbury is another old but smaller town. We were lucky?? enough to be there on their carnival day...

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Sep 24, 2008 - Day13 Salisbury/Cornwall

Thatching The ancient skill of thatching fascinated us for ages Georgia: We were trying to get on the right road to Mevagissey and we were taking lots of back roads. It felt like we were a little bit lost, but Dad didn’t admit to it. We were driving through lots of gorgeous little villages with thatched rooves. When we saw a roof still being thatched we stopped to look. It looked quite funny because only half of the roof was being rethatched, so it was fresh yellow straw next to the other worn black half of the roof. After a while the...

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Sep 18, 2008 - Beware: Elderly Crossing

I arrived here to the city of Salisbury with little knowledge of just what I was arriving to; with only images of the mysterious "Stonehenge" dancing in my head, evoking wonder and excitement about seeing a monument that I knew only as probably the oldest structure I will have ever seen. It turns out, Salisbury is quite the place to be! A quiet town dated back to circa 1200 when it was moved from the medieval civilization of Old Sarum further south. Moving this large Norman population here, brought with it the eager Catholic leaders longing...

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Jan 27, 2008 - Stonehenge

Stonehenge was an awe inspiring experience. I was slightly disappointed that they have debunked the myth that the druids helped create it...it actually pre-dates the druids. They still have very little idea as to why Stonehenge was created, first in wood, then in stone. It is astrologically aligned, and especially geometric. Weird science! The larger rings at Avebury aren't especially aligned to anything, and they don't tell the month like Stonehenge, but they are another example of this type of thing, not too far from Stonehenge (10min...

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Dec 8, 2007 - Salisbury, England

Well we have not gone on a trip in awhile so we decided to explore the english countryside...O.K. we were actually going a little mental from the bratty kids, noisy flat mates, and non-stop city drearyness. So we took the train on a Friday night and headed West (maybe we just needed to be that much closer to home!) we went to the smallish city of Salisbury (maybe where the steak came from?) the first night we spent a a quiet out of the way hotel. The next day however we explored the city center which was very pretty, it has this beautiful...

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Oct 28, 2007 - 20th Birthday/Fall Break

I'M 20! My fall break was this past week and it happened to include my birthday. Mom came out to spend the week with me. The first few days we just chilled in London. We did a lot of shopping and museums. We went to the Victoria and Albert museum, the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abby, and various other places that we just wandered into. Hampton Court Palace was very beautiful. The gardens were amazing and they had a really cool shrub maze. The Tower was absolutely stunning. We spent almost 4 hours there and still...

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Oct 18, 2007 - Bath

I officially have a cold. I don't feel that bad, but I have a runny nose, slight headache, itchy eyes, scratchy throat. I feel just bad enough that all of the things I don't like about England ae that much more annoying. The Hilton last night was the worst hotel that I can remember. I thought that I would be able to tolerate it if I stayed out long enough and went straight to sleep. But once I sat on te bed and discovered that there was nothing between the thin sheet and the mattress and you could hear and feel every coil, I was out of...

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Oct 3, 2007 - breaking in and getting down at stonhenge

Deciding to get out of london, we headed west and landed in salisbury. although a quaint quiet town, the reason to come here is......Stonehenge. So after checking out the small town and putting up with a weird older guy that snored so loud the room shaked (why is it that the older guys hostels attract have 1 or more of the following traits? 1) weird. Really creepy weird like u wouldn't let ur kids near weird 2) smell bad 3) snore really really badly 4) always think they are cool cause they are hanging in youth hostels 5) always want to be...

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Jan 4, 2001 - 1974 May 27 - ENGLAND - Bus Tour - Winchester, Amesbury, Salisbury and London

Because this tour included Winchester, the song “Winchester Cathedral” got stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out! The cathedral at Guildford was very modern, which was unexpected in this historic country. I had read a book about Stonehenge but it didn’t prepare me for the huge size of the stones. Runnymeade Meadow wasn’t striking in appearance but it is very important as the site where the Magna Charta was signed.

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