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Jul 5, 2015 - Cheltenham to Portishead (via Wales!!)

A wonderful days cycling. 111km in total. Weather was mostly fine, a rainy patch in the middle of the day got us wet but we'd dried out by the end of the day. Quite incredible that the sun was shining in our hotel window at 7 in the evening. We started out this morning with bellies full from a delicious cooked breakfast and a wave goodbye from Mandy & Patrick at the Beaufort Arms. 20km of road and cycle ways brought us to the Gloucester Docks. Back to canal riding for about 15km. This canal was much wider. Along with the usual long narrow...

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Jan 15, 2014 - We Arrive at Last

An uneventful day through countryside littered with wind turbines and fields of giant solar panels. The mountains in the distance were beautiful and capped with snow (a picture coming just for you ‘The Browns’). The weather just got better and better and the temperature reached a peak of 21 degrees. Very nice. Arrived at base camp at around 6pm and were met by very friendly people who showed us where to pitch. Site is huge but with every amenity and lovely and clean. Just enough energy to visit the pub for some food and a glass of wine and...

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Jan 14, 2014 - More Travelling

A day of torrential rain and a few adventures along the way. First sat nav Annie took us on toll road though don’t think it was her fault as this stretch of road seemed a newly tolled one. We forgive her. But having got on it we then had to pay the 5.30 euros toll but the machine refused the card. So then put coins in but it spat 30 cents out and said we still had 4.80 euros to pay. So ... called the attendant who said his computer said we hadn’t put full amount it .... the computer says no! He tried to say we had put english coins in ......

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Jan 13, 2014 - Into France

Well today has been mostly about roundabouts and traffic lights. For about 2 hours there was a roundabout on average every 2km which after a while began to craze our brains. The going was slow! The countryside was flat flat flat We did however go through Tours which is a beautiful city but unfortunately we couldn’t stop so no photos. Every village or town we went through strangely still had their christmas decorations up including santas climbing over roofs, reindeers on the grass and lots and lots of street lights. Have they missed 12th...

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Jan 12, 2014 - Off We Go

Good journey to Folkestone so was able to get the earlier train (1.50pm). Felt very strange sitting in Bessie knowing we were under all that water. One minute in England then just half and hour later in France! Sat Nav set for Bayonne near Biarritz. Mistakenly took toll road and without any euros in cash it was a nail biter until we found that the exit toll accepted our card. Leaving the toll road we carried on down through Boulogne and Abbeyville and eventually stopped in Rouen for fuel and hopefully a place to stay for the night. Rouen is...

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Jan 11, 2014 - All sorted

It's taken the morning and a trip to the motorhome dealership in Weston-S-Mare but the water tap thingy is now fixed. Just got to load up now and we should be ready for the off. On the bright side at least Bessie had a bit of a drive so no mechanical glitches came to light. Poor thing she has been sitting in a very wet field since October so she's doing well.

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Jan 10, 2014 - Ready for the off - don't think so!

Ok so we got towed off the farm where Bessie is stored - so far so good. But what's that grinding noise? Oops it the water tank turny off thing that seems to have come adrift and the bracket lost along the road somewhere. Steve off with his flexible torch searching the dark lanes so that he can reattach the turny off thingy so we can have some water when we go. Not such a good start but sure it will all be fine. Fix it Steve always manages to save the day.

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