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Feb 23, 2015 - Home....

We're home. We saw a taxi let out passengers outside the hotel so Guy 'collared' him and he took us to the airport. Really funny when we got there though. We got out of the taxi, went round the back to get our luggage from the boot and the driver said really worried "aren't you going to pay me then". Obviously we were, laughed and said of course, how much? It was 30$ which was 5$ more than it should've been but he then didn't get his tip! Luggage was underweight - phew! We're still not sure how some people get away with taking 'hand...

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Jul 16, 2013 - Minehead, Somerset

We are really covering some ground now, and I am feeling really good to be in the South-West, which I consider to be my home turf. We are travelling between the Quantock Hills and the Brendon Hills and today we started crossing Exmoor which meant LOTS of climbing on narrow lanes in wide open countryside for Bruce! The weather continues to be HOT, with TV news talking about how it’s the first heat-wave in 7 years. How lucky can we get? (We love it!) The heat wave from 7 years ago would be the one that followed us across Europe when we were...

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Aug 28, 2008 - Wales to England (E-tap Hotel – Newport to Littlesea Haven Holiday Park - Weymouth)

We wake up quite early and head downstairs for our Continental Breakfast. That done we head back to the room and pack the last of our stuff. We contact Uncle Eric and he tells us that Kevin had a comfortable night but will require an operation to insert a tube into his damaged artery. This will not be able to be done for a few days. Uncle Eric advises that he will be coming down to Weymouth to join us but will go and visit Kevin in hospital at Cardiff first. So all packed up and map in hand we head off. I plan to go to Weymouth via a place...

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Blue and JGs OE

Jan 3, 2001 - 1974 May 11-12 - ENGLAND – Minehead

This week end the McGuires, Tolberts and I went to Butkins’ Holiday Camp at Minehead for a church convention. It is almost due west of London on the coast, which made for a pretty setting. I had never even been to such a conference in the States, so I didn’t know what to expect. Of course, it probably was different from those in the States anyway.

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