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Apr 6, 2007 - Jom tien and Kanchanaburi

Hello all, We decided to take a two day repreive and respite at Robert's house (kate's brother) in Jom Tien. Our first errand in Tesco took us until past the time when baht buses (pick up truck taxis) normally operate, so we (carrying huge boxes, heavy water, and much needed munchies) had to find a way home. In the end, it took us four vehicles, some only traveling about 30 feet, to make it the 4 km journey from the local Tesco back home- including a stint on a long distance bus. Despite this fiasco, we only had to pay for one of the four...

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Jun 19, 2006 - Ayutthaya - ancient capital of Siam

I spent a day in Ayutthaya wandering around the many ancient temples which are now mostly in ruins. As soon as I stepped out of the railway station I was accosted by tuk tuk man offering to drive me around - 600 baht for 2 hours - So expensive! I had all day to kill and tried to explain that I was happy to walk. He didn't want to let me go that easily though and even took out his book of references! There were comments from people of all nationalities but still I wasn't interested. Then he tried to tell me he had some kind of ISO quality...

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Apr 9, 2006 - Trivia...

If you are living your dreams, what do you dream about during sleep? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . \/ Answer:Apart from family and friends back home, I have come realize...you never stop dreaming. the dreams only get bigger.

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Dec 1, 2005 - 2nd Week in Thailand

Nov. 28: Tak: Shake, rattle & roll off to Tak we go - 1 1/2hr bus trip. The scenery from Bangkok to Sukhothai has been very flat, fertile farmland....miles & miles of rice paddies....the farther we go the more variety of crops - sugar cane, bananas, papaya, gorgeous wild flowers, lush semi tropical trees, bushes and weeds. Our first guest house in Tak left a little to be desired but after paying, we went walk about & found a spot a little more up market - let the first place keep our $3.50 & moved. Our reject was the Mae Ping and the much...

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Aug 6, 2005 - trip to cotton spinners and Thai textile museum

We went on a whirlwind bus tour in one day to central Thailand: Don Chedi Religious Monument (high point was the amulet market and the men wearing the amulets) Ban Tapklai Temple Museum - interesting banners and manuscript covers, not much interpretation Pha Champi Textile Collection - high point of the day, not able to photograph in the museum, amazing collection of textile samples. Sad thing was that they were all placed in between 2 panes of glass and the glass held togeather with duct tape. A conservator's nightmare. Unfortunately the...

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Jun 17, 2005 - Ayuttahaya & Lop Buri

I just made it to an internet cafe near my hotel after a long, long day. Today is my last full day in Bangkok, and I was over the diesel fumes after yesterday, so I headed north of Bangkok on an early train this morning. I went to a city called Ayuttahaya first, which was the capital of Thailand when it was called Siam between the 14th and 18th centuries. The old city is on an island that's about 3 sq. miles, and most of the island is designated as an UNESCO World Heritage site, so the many, many temples are very well-preserved. It was...

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Feb 16, 2005 - Uthai Thani and Dr. Wampakdee

This morning we got an early start and went to Wat Thasung, which was the address that was given to us by Dr. Backus in Coudersport. (A Wat is a temple complex.) As luck would have it, the first monk we ran into there was fluent in English. While he went to find Dr. Wampakdee, we went to the catfish farm on the river and the boys fed the fish. Then we went to see the doctor. We met him in the visiting room at his living quarters ("sawngkawat"), and he was very surprised to have visitors from Emporium! He is 70 years old, and told us that...

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Feb 15, 2005 - Buses and tuk-tuks

We went to the train station in Lopburi to get a ride to Uthai Thani. After waiting an hour and a half, we were told that the train was delayed for another 2 hours. So we took a tuk-tuk to the bus station and rode on the local bus to Ta Khli. (A tuk-tuk is a motorcycle converted into a 3-wheel taxi. They're called tuk-tuks because when they're running they make the sound "tuk-tuk-tuk.") Along the 2 and a half hour ride, the bus picked up and dropped off 3 different groups of school kids!! Many people had to stand at different times, the bus...

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