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Dec 27, 2004 - A Brief Synopsis of the Tsunami on Ko Phi Phi

I'm sure you all have heard it from the news, so I won't bother with stats. The wave hit at 10:30 in the morning. I was getting breakfast, and was fortunate enough to see it and react. I survived the wave but lost most of my possessions. I headed up into the mountains with the rest of the survivors on my part of the island. We made it to the top of the island. And spent the night there. A Canadian family took me in and took care of me, kept me sane, and in general were my guardian angels. We spent the night up there and in the morning...

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Dec 9, 2004 - Surat Thani - Gateway to the Gulf of Thailand

Overnight bus from Bangkok to Surat Tani, AU$25 each. Will pay the extra $5 for the train on the way back. Airconditioned and great roads but not much sleep. Truck stop food is better than home but the toilets...... Don't see anything of Surat Thani as we are on the ferry to Koh Samui almost straight away.

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Jun 30, 2004 - Ko Pan-Ngan - Surat Thani

We had to get up really early (about 5:30) to get ready to catch the ferry to Donsak and then head onto Surat Thani airport. It was the first morning we had got up in time to see the sun rise, and even though we were not facing directly east, it was a fantastic sight, with the sky full of yellow, red and purple. We caught the ferry no problem and had arrived in Donsak within a couple of hours, the journey was really nice and we passed through Ang Thong National Marine Park, which was a series of small islands. It was also a time to catch up...

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Jun 17, 2004 - Bangkok - Surat Thani

We arrived in Surat Thani Train station (actually about 20km away from Surat Thani town) after quite a good train journey. The trains had more space than the indian trains and were a bit more comfortable, and in second calls proper bedding was provided, which was nice, but they are not as cheap. We all slept well on the train except Fiona. We had booked a straight through ticket to Ko Samui which involved next catching a bus to the port and then getting the ferry across to ko Samui. We had to wait a while for the bus in a cafe which was...

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Dec 21, 2002 - Bye-bye to Phi Phi

We could hardly believe that the day we had to leave Ko Phi Phi had actually arrived. On one hand, it felt like we had been at "Paradise" forever. On the other, it felt like we had arrived only yesterday. Everyone seemed to know we were leaving -- the waiters and waitresses, the reception desk staff, even some of the long-term guests. Packing took surprisingly little time; despite the fact that we have accumulated a significant amount of stuff since arriving in Thailand, we still have only a grand total of 4 backpacks/duffel bags and 3 day...

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