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Jan 14, 2015 - Ranong

No Wifi this morning so the receptionist allowed me to attach to her mobile internet for a few mins to check the details of the next hotel in Ranong. Had breakfast and as we'd already settled our bill 1300bt for the night, left early....9:30am or so. The hotel in Ranong is on the main road...we think looking at the map. It's called Baan Chueng Kao Hotel. Get to the car and try the GPS again and what'd'ya know? It found the hotel and set up! So today we have a stress free, hotel easy find day. Problem is, it doesn't take us the way we'd...

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Apr 28, 2012 - Visa run (Amy)

Sadly, the Thai border town of Ranong, where tourists cross to Burma to renew their visas, was one of the towns seriously damaged in the 2004 Tsunami, and there was great loss of life there. Amazingly, we couldn’t identify much damage, and judging from our dinner stop at the local market, Ranong is a pretty bustling and lively place. At first it felt like quite a hassle to have to go on a visa run and leave Thailand, but in the end it was pretty easy and uneventful. We crossed over into Burma for a total of 20 minutes, during which time we...

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Amy & Adam in Asia

Jul 28, 2009 - Ranong

Just checking in from Ranong, the bordering city to Myanmar, where we have to renew our Thai tourist visas. Yes, we finally left Ko Tao... Miss the weather already. We've had nothing but clouds and monsoons since we got here. Unfortunately we ran out of time to get a visa today, so we're staying the night at Kiwi guesthouse tonight. It's a bit run down, but with 6 adorable kittens running around the lobby. The woman who runs it is really helpful too. There's really not much to do in Ranong so we spent the afternoon watching a soccer game...

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Dec 9, 2008 - Visa run to Myanmar

Took the 11.30pm bus down to Chomphon where we were left at a cafe. Turned out this was the place we had to wait for our minibus to Ranong at the Thai border. It was also the place where we paid for the USD 10 new crisp note which was the fee for the Myanmar Visa. I actually thought this was included in the price I had paid for the Visa run. To be honest I didn't really have a good look at what was included but thought it was an all inclusive price. The cafe owner basically said "Do you want the USD 10 or not?" Obviously I had no choice...

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Feb 18, 2008 - In search of crisp US dollars

We had to go to Burma/Myanmar to renew our visas so that they wouldn't run out while my dad and chris were visiting with us. It's quite and involved process requiring a big detour to the town of Ranong; travel to thai immigration for an exit stamp; making our way to the pier to charter a longtail boat to burma; and a long and loud longtail ride in the hot sun, sheltered by a small umbrella in a slightly sketchy boat without life jackets (Saleem and I enjoyed a brief but practical discussion on best strategies if the boat went down...). We...

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Jan 7, 2008 - The (1st) Visa Run - Ranong to Kawthoung

Aaaah, the first of many visa runs. Even though Thai immigration has taken some of the fun, and the question of "infinity" out of it. It's much more regulated now. I guess the Thai government seen some possible tourist dollars it was missing out on. The Thai government is one thing, but I'm having a real hard time giving the Burmese Gov't. any of my money. They are definetly in the "Bastards of the World" club. How can a country get away with such bullshit? I guess it happens the world over. Out of sight, out of mind. We even turn a blind...

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Dec 5, 2007 - The King's Birthday in Ranong

While Colleen was on the phone, making a hotel reservation in the train station, an old woman accosted me by pushing a bench in front of me and kicking my bags out of the way. She jammed the bench against a temporary wall, which surrounded an exhibit on the king, and proceeded to harangue me. Then she walked away, and I sat on my backpack, unsure if it was okay to sit on the bench. Three young Thais came over and sat on the bench, telling me to sit down, too. The old woman came back, and began her vituperous blabbing again, waving a hand in...

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Nov 10, 2007 - FR : Ko Payam / en route pour Bangkok

Pour atteindre Ko Payam au depart de Ranong il nous a fallu 15 minutes de tuc tuc, 2 heures de bus, 15 minutes sur les motos d'autochtones pour arriver au port de Ranong ou nous prendrons un bateau pendant 2 heures pour finalement debarquer a Ko Payam, ile ne figurant dans aucun de nos guides. Nous sommes pres de la frontiere birmane, notre bus est arrete par la police, 2 filles sont emmenes, de nombreux controles de papier, un journaliste allemand rencontre au port nous apprends bien des choses concernant l'exploitation par les thais de...

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May 24, 2007 - Ranong

Hey guys We have left Phuket now and headed north but not before going on our diving trip yesterday. It was great, we did 2 dives around coral reefs and got to see loads of fish and a sea snake! That was cool, James had seen them before but I haven't yet, they look pretty awesome swimming in ther sea! Our other dive was at a wreck, the king cruiser, it was a car ferry that went down durning a routine crossing and has provided the dive community with a great site! Its pretty deep at 30m and visability was down to about 10m as there was a...

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Apr 19, 2007 - Visa Run Burma (Myanmar)

We successfully made it to Burma and back. We left at 11 at night and slept on the mattreses they had provided on the floor of the boat. We were woken up by the smell of the port on the main land even before we arrived, it smells like rotten squid. There are hundreds of fishing and squid boats lining the river, the river is full of rubbish, I don't know how the people stand to live there. We got off the boat at about 5am and jumped onto a mini van that took us across the Thailand mainland to the border of Thailand and Burma, near Phuket....

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Mar 1, 2007 - Ranong - Ko Chang

Welcome to the jungle... We took a long tail boat in the morning to get to the Island Ko Chang. Ko Chang is a 9 by 5 km island, appearantly in shape of a relaxing elephant (chang = elephant), that is largely undeveloped. The inner of the island is mangrove jungle and only a few resorts and a handful permanents settled on the island. There are no roads and cars and electricity is sporadicly available in a limited timeframe between 19:00 and 23:00. Beaches are connected via paths through the jungle. In order to get to the island we took an...

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Feb 28, 2007 - Takuapa - Ranong

Finally in Ranong... We cought the first bus in the morning after enjoying fresh fruits from the local market for breakfast. After arrival we checked in a cheap but very clean Sintavee Hotel and spent the afternoon looking around the nice but unspectacular town.

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