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Nov 16, 2007 - And you thought going to a 3rd world country would be a good idea for a honeymoon???

Where to start??? Really it hasn't been that bad but it has been a bit of an adventure, a VERY frustrating adventure at times. First I would like to say to all of you who said this place was "SOOOO cheap" you are all liars. There has been very little that's cheap about this place never mind the fact that the dollar is losing strength here every day, so that's not helping at all. So Bangkok, while cool and all, was not very honeymoon-esque, so we bailed to the sounth in search of more romance and a better deal. We found some romance but not...

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Our Honeymoon!!!

Aug 11, 2007 - Railay

Inbetween all of the excitement of Phi Phi and Bangkok, we took another pitstop for a little R&R in Railay. Katie Vic and I decided to leave early and get to Railay earlier, while the others spent a couple more hours on Phi Phi...and boy did we have an adventure. First it started with way too many people on too small of a boat, so we were fortunate to get a spot in the middle of the top deck hard cement floor. For our comfort Vic used his bag as a pillow while Katie used his tummie for hers and I used her tummie for mine. It worked quite...

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Jul 24, 2007 - Relaxing in Railay (Matt & Laura)

Matt: A bowl of green curry, rice, a bottle of beer. Maybe some spring rolls later. My plastic chair wobbles on the uneven ground. The plastic tabletop is stained. Behind us, steam rises from a large wok surrounded by jars, bottles, piles of green. Each small stall is lit with bare incandescent bulbs hanging overhead. Nearby, there's a line-up at a pad thai stall. Soup is sold at another. Fruit waits in sliced arrangements. The smell of curry and fish and spices hangs in the air. I taste the spicy steaming bowl of green curry, sip my beer....

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Dec 21, 2004 - Koh Lanta

Nous avons rendez-vous pour Noël avec Virginie et Vincent, nos deux français rencontrés au Kyrghizistan. On se retrouve donc a Bangkok et en route pour Koh Lanta. Au programme : bronzette et plongée. Les fonds marins sont effectivement à la hauteur de ce qu'on avait pu nous en dire : on a même retrouvé Némo et Dora !! Nous fêtons donc Noël sur la plage, un peu en décalage avec les images qu'on peut avoir de Noël en Europe. Le 26 nous sommes donc sur la plage tranquillement en train de prendre notre petite déjeuner. C'est notre dernier jour...

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