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Apr 30, 2005 - Burma has internet!!! And THE GOVERNMENT HERE IS BULLSHIT!!

I can't after 1 day know why,but Burma is getting some bad info spead about it.I'll be in touch as I found out more.But for now, the most I've head is bullshit!! They have uncontrolled internet.Obviously cause I can send this out!! So do email Me !!!!! I'll keep You all updated!!Take care! Thom UPDATE!!!! i,M AN ASSHOLE AND HAVE BEEN DUPED BY A GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDIST!!!! iNTERNET IS CONTROLLED AND EVERBODY IS TERRIFIED OF THE GOVERNMENT HERE! aND i HAVE WITNESSED FORCED LABOR AND THIER CAMPS.wHICH ALMOST RIVAL THE jAPANESE DURING THIER...

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