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Sep 7, 2018 - Into Stockholm

Sad to farewell Kajsa today as I caught the bus from Karlskoga into Stockholm. The bus terminal is close to the roundabout which features large cut out prancing horses. I had thought the horses were to do with Nobel whose Will was proved in Sweden as that was where he stabled his horses, but Kajsa set me right. Many years ago a circus was based in Karlskoga and the woman owner was very devoted to one of the fine horses on which she performed. On the death of the horse she asked for it to be buried in the cemetery but permission was refused....

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Sep 7, 2018 - Day 13 of the trip, day 4 in Stockholm

Up at 0700 and out caching at 0730. Joy did not want to go caching this morning. Found 2 and then went to breakfast Today we are going to the Skansen open air museum/market for a lecture and a tour. Planning to come back to the hotel and meet Joy's friends at 1230 to go to one of the oldest caches in Europe. After the costume lecture (NEED TO TYPE UP THOSE NOTES) joy and I got 2 caches and then took the bus (67) back to the hotel. About 1230, met Matt and Camillia (EMC2+2) and went caching with them. Had a wonderful picnic at a lake. Came...

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Sep 6, 2018 - Day 12 of the trip, day 3 in Stockholm

Alarm off at 0700 and to breakfast about 0730. Out for a walk to get 2 caches. Then to the lecture. Seems like a lot of the participants are still ill; 3 are missing from the lecture and others have coughs, sneezes, etc. Hope I don't get sick. Day 3 in Stockholm Lecture Alfred Nobel maybe the most famous swede! Stockholm 1833; san Remo Italy 1896; Educated in St Petersburg/Paris; 90 factories in over 20 countries. Knew multiple languages. Registered 355 patents; dynamite 1967. In 1896 had 183 million $$ Not married; no family. Nobel:...

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Sep 5, 2018 - Day 11 of the trip, day 2 in Stockholm

Day 2 in Stockholm (5 September) First Lecture Sweden by Caroline “How Sweden came to be….” Abba, Ikea, lingonberries, ginger cookies, volvos, skiing, open attitude, meatballs, etc 3-point safety belts (invented in Sweden) Almost the size of California; 10 million in this country Can have 3 seasons at the same time; several climate zones; have a gulf stream so not as cold as Alaska Nordland: north 2/3 of people live in the southern part of Sweden 60% consists of forests; forest industry and steel industry are 2 biggest Many buildings are...

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Sep 4, 2018 - London to Vibeck via Stockholm

My flight from Heathrow at 7am was another full flight, mainly business people it seemed. Arrived at Arlanda and then had about one and a half hours to wait for the bus to take me to Karlskoga. Discovered once on the bus that it had spots to plug in electronic equipment as well as WiFi. Lovely to see Kajsa waiting at the bus depot and we drove out to Vibeck in sunshine and the house and garden were looking so good and so welcoming after so much travel. The first thing I noticed was the addition of many solar panels to the roof of the barn...

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Sep 1, 2018 - If its the 14th it must be Austria

14th August We were out of our cabin, down to breakfast, said our goodbyes and were off the ship by 9.00am to be delivered to the Airport for our flight to Vienna via Amsterdam. Typical KLM service - because they are only short intercity flights the planes are small and crowded and when we checked in they recommended that our cabin bags go into the hold with the rest of our luggage. Without thinking about it I handed over my bag without realising that it wasn't locked and it had all my electronics in it! Thankfully it arrived intact, but it...

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Aug 23, 2018 - Cruising down the river!

7th August This afternoon we boarded our river ship "Douro Serenity" and made ourselves comfortable in our Category D cabin - meaning we were right on the water line, a look out of our cabin window gave us real water views! We obviously had booked too late to get a better cabin, but we didn't intend to spend any more time than necessary in our cabin anyway. After introductions to all the crew, a safety briefing etc. we sat down to the first of many delicious dinners to come on our 7 day cruise. Just to know that we will sleep in the same...

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Aug 16, 2018 - Around and about on the Iberian Peninsula!

25th July First of all, apologies for this being such a long post, you might have to read it in shifts! Barcelona Welcome drinks and dinner in the hotel. Found out there are 74 on this tour, obviously two coachloads and two tour directors. A mix of Kiwis and Aussies, there seems to be organised groups within the group. Our tour director turned out to be an American who has lived in Spain for the past 29 years so he will know what he is talking about and we will be able to understand him. A real bonus! While we were meeting and greeting a...

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Jul 26, 2018 - Photos

26th July Just photos I couldn't upload yesterday. Welcome dinner last night - 78 on this tour, 2 coaches. Lots of Kiwis apparently. Two tour directors - one American who has lived in Madrid for 30 years so should know what he's talking about; and a Frenchman. Both seem nice, I think we're in the American's group. An 8 hour city tour today, doesn't start until 12 noon so will be a late finish. Thank you to everyone who has commented on my ramblings, pleased you enjoy them xx

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Jul 25, 2018 - Beautiful Switzerland

12th July What will we find in Zurich today? After breakfast we took our chances on the tram and found our way into the city. Our travels took us along one of the main shopping streets, where it was window shopping only for us - Givenchy, Prada, Yve Saint Laurent etc, but nice to look at! Our tram took us to the edge of Lake Zurich where we sat and enjoyed the view before wandering through the market on the other side of the street. We strolled and checked prices before deciding to buy, only to find that it was illegal to sell after 11am...

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Jul 12, 2018 - To the Land of Ice and Fire!

1st July Off to Iceland today, but unfortunately didn't see anything of Oslo before we left. We didn't get in until late last night and we were picked up too early to go to the airport so saw nothing! To say that Oslo airport is chaotic would be an understatement! There were lines and lines of people to check in. We joined one line and then a very officious fellow came along and told us to go somewhere else and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing we ended up back in the same line, but at the end of it. Very frustrating! While all this was...

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Jul 10, 2018 - Stockholm

We started the day off with a bus tour of part of the city to include the City Hall. The City Hall is quite impressive and very ornate. The Nobel Prize dinner is held here every year on December 10 the date that Alfred Nobel died. 1358 people are invited to the dinner to include the Nobel laureates and be king and queen of Sweden. One must show an invitation card in order to be admitted to the festivites. We then toured a little more on the bus and then were dropped off at the opera house to begin our own unescorted walking tour . What a...

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