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Sep 10, 2014 - Exploring South Öland

Today we explored the southern part Öland. The large proportion of the southern part of the island is a massive limestone plain known as alvaret now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island also has over 350 old windmills which were used to ground wheat for flour. The majority of the windmills were built in the 19th century. The mills were located outside the villages; often each farm had its own mill. The most common windmill was the "stubbkvarnen", where the entire rotating mill rested on top of an oak tree stump. At one point, there...

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Sep 8, 2014 - Kalmar

Today we went back onto the mainland to visit the town of Kalmar. The weather wasn’t particularly good but we thought we would make the most of the day. From the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries, Kalmar was one of Sweden's most important cities. In reading about history of Sweden there is often reference to the Kalmar Union. This was the joining under a single monarch the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden (then including Finland), and Norway the main purpose was to stop the expansion of the Germans into the northern Baltic region....

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Sep 7, 2014 - Local nature reserve

After a long day yesterday we didn't feel like doing very much. It was a beautiful day so we took a walk in the local nature reserve just below Borgholm castle. Of course we had to stop at the café by the castle and try the local King Oscar cake. Lovely.

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Sep 6, 2014 - Exploring North Öland.

The island of Öland is 85 miles long and just under 10 miles wide. It is the second largest Swedish island. Today we decided to explore the northern half of the island. The local tourist office had told us there was a gravel road from the small village Aleklinta that ran most of the way along the North West coast of the island. Turning off the main 136 route down the middle of the island at Alböke towards the village of Aleklinta we came across an unexpected sight – camels! Are we in the right country! Had we taken a wrong road somewhere?...

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Sep 5, 2014 - Borgholm

Woke up to another glorious day to celebrate Heather’s birthday. We first explored the small town of Borgholm, the main town on the island. It is charming town with a splendid church dominating its main square. It also had a love bakery where we had morning coffee and cake (well it was someone’s birthday!) in the sunshine. There are two main attractions just outside the town Borgholm Slott and Solliden Park. Our first stop was the Borgholm Slott. This magnificent castle ruin (no we are no talking about Tony!) sits high on a hill outside...

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Sep 4, 2014 - Heading south again to the island of Öland

We left Grȁnna; this time going along the main street was not too bad as there was very little traffic. We then travelled alongside the lake before heading inland going east. Here we travelled through forested hills again reminding us of Canada. Just outside Kalmar we took route 137 travelling the bridge/causeway onto Öland. Our campground for our stay was a further 35km at Borgholm. It was an easy in and we had a lovely big pitch overlooking the bay so was quickly set and able to chill out for the rest of the day.

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Aug 9, 2011 - Monday 8th- Dinner in Lund

Monday 8th Got up and ready and headed out to do some food shopping for the house and grab something for lunch. By the time we got home we had to head straight back out again as we have dinner tonight at Lena’s (Tommy and Camilla’s Mums) which is out in Lund. Was a great dinner, there was like rissoles that are then wrapped in bacon and then fried- Tommy’s favorite apparently. Nina and Tommy show us a house they are interested in buying which looks quite nice and the best part would there would be a back yard for their rotti Ussie. We also...

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Jul 10, 2011 - Saturday 9th July

OK, so struggling a little today- head is hurting just a tad.... We got up and got ready and headed to Nina's parents place for breakfast (her parents are holidaying overseas at the moment so had the place to ourselves) They have and awesome appartment right on the end of the wharf overlooking the yacht club. We sat out on the balcony and I guess its kind of like the appartment at the new marina at glenelg but with a little street infront. Was quite nice sitting there watching boats sail past and ferrari's, porches and mercedes etc crusing...

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Jul 10, 2011 - Friday 8th July- Lund night out

The day started pretty slow as a had a fair bit to do on the computer and so jen watched a movie or two. We didnt leave the house till about 3pm. Jen and I drove down to meet another of her step mums (Tommys mother)and another half sister (Camilla). Im still trying to work out how to draw her family tree but even her grandmother said "good luck with that one!" She is quite nice and has invited Jenny and I back for dinner but we dont actually have a free day untill we get back from London. Was having a fair chat with Camillla as she has just...

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May 29, 2011 - Still in Sweden

Thursday May 26th The Swedes have put in a huge amount of infrastructure for cycling. There are new paths everywhere but the trouble is that often you don’t know where they go because the signs are missing and the numerous maps that the kind tourist bureau ladies give out don’t bear any resemblance to actuality. Now I tend to be a follow my nose sort of person which sometimes works well and at others is disastrous. Dave on the other hand likes to have things nice and clear and know exactly where he is going. This can lead to differences of...

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Aug 10, 2008 - Kalmar

Although it rained most of the night, it wasn't cold. The wind shook our tent a few times pulling us out of our sleep, but overall we slept well. By morning, the wind died down but there was still a slight drizzle while we were having bread, jam, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Since it is Sunday, most of the glass-blowing galleries and factories in this region have either limited opening times or were closed entirely. So, we opted to switch our schedule and visit those tomorrow and today take our time visiting Kalmar and, guess what,...

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Aug 14, 2007 - Kalmar Sweden to Copenhagen Denmark

Woke up to honking Geese and gun fire or something from local castle, but all in all a very good first night in our tent. The campground was quiet, the sweeds are very respectful of space and noise. Unbelieveably clean and tidy. Went to the Kalmar Castle. Was everything a castle should be very old, a moat, cannons, on the water, on the baltic. Food is great lots of dannish right up my ally. Gas is 7 bucks or so a gallon. Went into beautiful Kalmar with quaint cobblestone streets. I guess all of europe is going to be quaint but it was again...

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