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Jul 27, 2006 - On the Train Again.... Sacha, Sergey and Rainy Yekaterinburg

Leaving Irkutsk we joined the famous Rossiya, the true Trans Siberian express that rolls back and forth from Moscow to Vladivostok; a journey one quarter of the way around the world, through 8 time zones and over 9600km in just on one week. The seemingly endless Siberian landscape extends from the railway to the edge of the world. It has a beautiful bleakness that is randomly interrupted by isolated villages or one of the hundreds of insignificant stops every ten kilometres, often with no name, simply a number, whose only link with the rest...

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Jun 1, 2005 - Train, train and more train--Day Three (add Ekaterinburg map point)

Ellen: Woah, this is a lot of time on a train. It's always moving. Not like a cruise ship where you get used to what little motion you can feel, but a constant, can't walk straight, knock stuff over movement. But the good thing is that you can't really do much. It's forced relaxation. Just read or play games or do my new favorite thing, crossword puzzles. I re-discovered my NYTimes 50 Easy (not really, in my opinion) Crossword Book (puzzles from Monday to Wednesday in the paper) and kept myself happily occupied. I can't believe we're in...

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Mar 20, 2004 - Ekaterinburg

At Irkutsk station we were handed train tickets which listed our destination as Sverdlovsk, not Ekaterinburg so this caused a bit of panic and although our driver assured us it was right, I wasn't altogether convinced, after all he'd almost killed us driving through Irkutsk to the train station! I didn't calm down properly until I checked a couple of guide books, and apparently Sverdlovsk was the Soviet-era name for the city and is still used on train timetables - it was nice of our tour company to tell us! Anyway, after 51 hours on the...

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