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Jun 3, 2015 - Saint Petersburg

Perhaps the most beautiful port of the cruise was Saint Petersburg. It is also the most expensive. A Russian visa for an American costs $180. Yes, even for one day off the ship. Cruise ships have introduced a new challenge for those visiting Russia—at least, those from the West. As I understand it, those from former Soviet republics can visit Russia without a visa. However, the Russian government has waived the cost of a visa—even for Americans—if you book a tour with a government licensed guide and if you are with your guide for your...

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Oct 1, 2014 - St. Petersburg - Canal trip

Today we had the morning off and lazed around the boat. In the afternoon we went on a canal trip through the heart of St. Petersburg. The city is built on 42 island and thus there is a multitude of canals. Passed many palaces and historic buildings. These included the Stroganoff palace. Beef Stroganoff is supposedly derived from a recipe from the Stroganoff family. St. Petersburg, from the canals, is very intersting and the buildings, in general, are very pleasant.

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Sep 30, 2014 - Vist to the Hermitage Museum

Today we visited the Hermitage Museum. The musuem is huge, and that is an uderstatement. If you spend one minute in front of each exhibit it will take approximately 7 years to see everything!! I did not take any pictures as it was far too crowded to get a decent view of most things. Bought a nice souvenir book instead. Basically, today's viewing was a tickler to come back one day and spend a lot more time in the museum! In the eveing we went to the Conservatory Theatre (across the road from the Kirov Ballet House)to an excellent ballet...

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Sep 29, 2014 - St Petersburg - Day 2

In the morning we visited Catherine's Palace in Tsarkoe Selo (Tsar's Village), a suburb of Pushkin near St. Petersburg. Named after Catherine the Great, the baroque palace was the summer residence of the royal family. Catherine's daughter Empress Elizabeth extended the building to rival that of Versaille. Completed in 1756 the exterior is nearly a kilometer in circumference. 220 pounds of gold was used to decorate the exterior! The Great Hall is some 130,000 square feet! One of the most ostentatious and luxurious palaces we have...

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Sep 28, 2014 - Arrived in St. Petersburg

Karen, Sophie and Sadie took us to the airport where we all had lunch together. Checked in our bags and then took a couple of photos alongside the stuffed bear by the security check-in. Long flight to Amsterdam, a few hours wait for our connectiona, and final arrival in St. Petersburg. Will publish photos when I am not so tired!!

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Sep 5, 2014 - St. Petersburg - Cultural Heart of Russia

For the next two days, we'll be in St. Petersburg, the city built by one of history's most infamous characters, Peter the Great. Normally, a visa would be required for entry to Russia; but, by taking the ship's 2-day tour, we were able to avoid the hassle of getting a visa. So, we were up early and ready for our adventure. To say the immigration officials were dour would be kind to them, no levity here, show your documents, don't dare smile, and move on. Our guide, Anna, met us at the bus and she would prove to be one of the best tour...

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May 31, 2014 - Last Day in St Petersburg

May 31. Last day in Russia Grammar and I had a good-bye breakfast with Ruth and Andrew and we were all sad and happy: sad because we were leaving one another; happy because we had travelled so very well together. We have promised to do it again and soon (after dealing with hips and eyes). Then the small, brave bear and the not-so-brave Grammar set out to tackle the Metro (subway) for the first time. We only wanted to go one stop but it was a long walk and I wanted to save my paddy-paws for more exciting things. The Metro seems simpler than...

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May 30, 2014 - St Petersburg III

St Petersburg. Part III May 29 Ruth took it easy this morning after our strenuous day yesterday. Andrew, Grammar and I walked. It was damp and misty all day but we had no major rain. We wandered around "our" neighbourghood, passing St Nicholas' Church, the Mariiensky Theatre and stopping at the Choral Synagogue. It is a striking, red and white Byzantine-style brick building. It was fascinating inside and had a very good, small gift shop with reasonable prices. Andrew bought a lovely lacquer tray. From there, we went to the Yusopov Palace....

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May 28, 2014 - St Petersburg Part II

St Petersburg. Part II St Petersburg is a spectacular city. It is more compact than Moscow for a tourist but the streets are not nearly as orderly. Grammar alone, and Ruth and Andrew together, all spent some time getting lost, or at least going around blocks twice. We had mostly dull skies and rain in St Petersburg but that did not stop us. On the very wettest day, we went to the famous Hermitage Museum. WOW! It is humungeous - I am sure we only saw a tiny bit but what we saw was fabulous. The only problem was that every tourist in St...

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May 27, 2014 - St.Petersburg may 27

St Petersburg. May 27 It seems like a long time since we were in St Petersburg. I am way behind in my blogs because the city is so big and exciting and whenever we were not zooming around, Grammar and Ruth and Andrew were talk, talk, talking. You would think that after three weeks together they would have run out of topics but they didn't and of course, I had to listen. I might have missed something! Our travel to St Petersburg from Listvyanka was exceedingly long. We were picked up three hours before our flight for a one hour drive and a...

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Oct 19, 2013 - Days 59 to 63 - St Petersburg (Russia)

It was Monday 14th October and I found myself on a fairly chilly Vilnius platform, waiting for the 19.50 train to St Petersburg. I had booked into a 4-bed kupé, so the main question was who would my companions be? Well, as it turned out, we were all western travellers but how we had come to be in an all-western kupé was a quandary, as we had all booked through different agents. My travelling companions were Rachel and Chris, an English couple from Scotland (?) and Trent, an Australian. As we organised our possessions and sorted the sleeping...

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Oct 19, 2013 - Church of Resurrection Built on Spilt Blood, St Petersburg (Russia)

The Church of the Resurrection Built on Spilt Blood will definitely not be to everyone’s tastes, but it is impossible not to admire the dedication and craftsmanship that has gone into the building, and hence it has its own post. The exterior of the building is impressive enough, but once you enter the church the decorations are fabulous. Every surface above 2.0m has been decorated in an extravagant and opulent style, and I mean every surface; walls, column faces, curved domes and ceilings are all covered in artwork depicting various stories...

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