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Jul 26, 2005 - Train #2: Evening 1

So I got back on the train a little disappointed at not seeing more of Irkutsk, but happy to be without my "helpful" host Valery. After a couple of stops by myself, a mother and her son (Misha) joined me. (I forgot to mention this about the last train ride. Almost 100% of the travelers were families with children. I even spotted a dog and a cat! Basically though, the train was really safe, and I felt very comfortable with the people I was riding with. They all had better stuff than I did too!) Anyway, the mother didn't seem very talkative,...

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Jun 15, 2005 - Novosibirsk, Siberia

Dobreevanden! Much to Brian's enjoyment the cult of drinking beer and vodka here is a natural part of life- both are super cheap with vodka down to $2 a bottle and beer about 85 cents a bottle-yay!Consequently Brian doesn't see the need to drink water anymore (it's more expensive!). Another long train journey, 4 berth again and sharing with Alec and his 9 year old son Vitali who were travelling from Vladivostock to Moscow without stopping for 7 days- ugh. Again no english but the next door compartment held Nikolai who didn't need english to...

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Apr 16, 2005 - Novosibirsk 1

Novosibirsk is full of fabulous bars and Las Vegas style restaurants. I've just been to a Thai/Arab place where you enter through a Sultan's Palace affair, the doorman is dressed as a gaily attired eunuch and you can sit and puff apple tobacco through a giganic hubble-bubble water pipe if you have a spare $20. Then there's the Safari Restaurant with a whole crocodile skin on one wall, Indiana-Jones decor and staff in Africa gear - just getting through security to see it is an experience. One floor above, Rock City is a hip, metal-strut...

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