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Oct 9, 2016 - From Russia..... With love

So…. I’m on a train…. Obviously. This is the big one though, I’m currently sat in my little cabin on the first leg of my TransManchurian adventure…. About 9hours in so far and it’s already been a bit of an experience… again, more on that later. Last time I wrote it was Wednesday morning and I had just arrived into Russia on the train from Moscow. The rest of the journey in was pretty uneventful – the two ladies in the cabin and I continued to communicate with one another with varying levels of success. They did take to mothering me by the...

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May 24, 2016 - Yerevan, Armenia to Istanbul, Turkey via Moscow, Russia

Tuesday 24 May 2016 Yerevan, Armenia to Istanbul, Turkey Today we woke up at 3:00am for a 3:30am pick up at the hotel as we had to catch a 6:00am flight to Moscow then down to Istanbul, Turkey. It's so hard getting up at that early hour when you've only had a couple of hours sleep but we made it. After a two and a half hour flight with Aeroflot, with quite a bit of turbulence, to Moscow, we waited another two hours and then took a three and a half hour flight, again with Aeroflot (service much improved since 2007) down to Istanbul, we...

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Oct 10, 2014 - Leaving Moscow

Today we left the ship. Vacated our room at 10am with our bags outside the cabin door for pickup by the crew and transfer to the airport bus. At 11am we left for Sheremetievo Airport. This was the first day on the trip we encountered rain! Sheremetievo is an extremely modern airport, at least the terminal we were in. Also found out our bags were checked right through to Gatwick. Arrived in Schipol airport in Amsterdam (2 hour time change) then a 3 hour wait for our flight to Gatwick. That turned into a 5 hour wait due to plane unable to...

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Oct 9, 2014 - Moscow Day 3

Today Thursday Oct 9th was what is called a free day. That is, we got the tour bus downtown and were then free to wander as we wished and take the bus back at a predetermined time. First we went to see the house of Maxim Gorky the Russian author. Second a Russian Orthodox synagogue which was very different and interesting. Then off to the Four Seasons Hotel which is under renovation and closed. But, underneath is a 3 level arcade with the usual high priced stores. There we had a light lunch in Starbucks. Then a quick visit to the State...

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Oct 8, 2014 - Moscow Day 2

Today we had a tour of the Kremlin Armoury. Rather than take pictures we bought a souvenir book. Reading our guide for the day I noted that Moscow city traffic is officially ranked the worst in the world. Having observed it now for two days I would concur! Have loaded a few pictures from our day.

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Oct 7, 2014 - Moscow day 1

Continued cruising on the Moscow canal arriving in Moscow around 1pm. We then did a tour of the city of Moscow by bus. Covered many different historical sites. Traffic in Moscow is very heavy indeed. Most of the cars were imports, primarily from Europe but a few from the USA. Texting while driving seems to be an obsession! Also lane discipline was not there. If an ambulance came up with bells and sirens no-one moved out of the way. However, Moscow is certainly different from where we have been up to now. Spotlessly clean and the buildings...

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May 14, 2014 - Moscow - the Kremlin

Moscow - May 14 Once again, we tried to get into the Kremlin. We were very close but it still took quite a bit of detective work to get in the gate. First we went to where people appeared to be going in and we had to backtrack and go elsewhere to buy tickets. Then we to check our daypacks at a hole in the wall in the Alexandrovsky Gardens. Finally, we were permitted to enter via the ceremonial gate. [Coming out of the Kremlin, you cannot normally go directly down to where the checked bags are. You have to go a very long way. A guard, seeing...

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May 13, 2014 - Moscow - bus, boat, Puskin State Museum

Moscow - May 13 We headed off earlier is morning but we still did not get to the Kremlin, our number one priority. But it really was not our fault. We did get a bit side-tracked by St. Basil's Cathedral, which Grammar had to draw and Ruth and Andrew had to explore. We reached the Kremlin gates at noon, only to be told it had just been closed until 4 pm - no explanation but obviously someone more important than us was going there. Just then it started to rain, so we hopped on another bus and then onto the boat, which toured the Moscow river...

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May 12, 2014 - Moscow-May 12- our introduction

Moscow - May 12 Today we started with a huge breakfast that ranged in options from fresh fruit to yoghurt, various breads, croissants, pickled herring, tortilla wrapped omelette, blini, waffles, stewed fruit, hot cereals, made-to-order omelette, sliced meat, cheeses, salads, tea and coffee. We took ziplock bags and made ourselves lunches. Our hotel, the Cosmos, is about a 40 minute ride in the Metro (sometimes more than one train) from central Moscow. Route-finding on the Metro is challenging because the signs are all in cyrillic writing....

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May 11, 2014 - May 10 - 11 Toronto to Moscow

May 10 - 11 Toronto to Moscow We did it! Grammar and I arrived safely in Moscow. Who would have thunk we could do it? We almost did not make it. Our flight leaving Toronto for Frankfurt left one hour late. And we had an 80 minute connection in Frankfurt, we really did not expect to get there in time. We were sitting beside a young Russian woman who lives in Seattle and she moaned all the way across the Atlantic about missing the connection. Fortunately, our northern experience, in rarely traveling without some hiccup, stood us in good...

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Oct 21, 2013 - Days 64 & 65 - Moscow (Russia)

Late on Saturday 19th October, I left the best hostel so far and headed off to catch the 23.00 sleeper train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. I forgot to mention was that I managed to book this ticket on the Russian trains web-site and it was remarkably cheap; RUB1,600 (about £32) for the 8 hour sleeper. I was worried that I had managed to book a seat or even the wrong train but my fears were allayed when I boarded the train and found my bed in the kupé. The other occupants of my kupé were an elderly Russian lady and a young Russian bloke,...

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Oct 7, 2013 - Moscow by day and night

So the ladies got ripped off staying for dinner at the hotel exxy restaurant. it seems that they paid as much for their wine as food. one had a vodka and orange and was horrified that she had to pay separately for both. people need to stop whingeing about the prices, if you cant afford it, or dont want to pay for it, dont bloody well buy it. i forgot to say, meat and fish are priced on the menu by 100g lots. so you have to be careful about that. that is a little tricky, but it is marked, so you can see it, its not a secret. The...

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