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Mar 4, 2018 - Manila, Philippines

History: Founded by a Spanish explorer in 1571, Manila is one of the Philippines” oldest cities. A major center of Spanish trade in the Far East and almost entirely destroyed during WW II. It is identified by the quote ‘I shall return’. Gained a lot of info about Manila, Santiago, Japanese occupation and how the philippoes were brutalized. Also visited the 5th largest mall in the world, the Mall of Asia.

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Mar 4, 2018 - Manila, Philippines – mix of Philippine and Spanish with a little USA thrown in

High rises abound at the port of Manila, Philippines. Lots of volcanic islands surrounding the big U-shaped harbor. The culture is a mashup of Malay, Pilipino, Spanish and American. Manila was key trading harbor with China and Malaysia well before the Spanish arrived in 1600s. The Spanish built a huge walled city (bigger than the Vatican) with 15 feet high and 12 foot thick walls and a moat. The city/fort held for 300 years until the British breached one side and ruled briefly. Philippines became a US territory in 1888 as part of the...

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Jan 6, 2018 - Phillipines -- Southeast Asia Cruise

We departed Honolulu on Philippine Airlines to Manila with a follow-on to Singapore. I was wearing a back brace which turned out to be a pretty bad idea. I just could not get comfortable in the airplane seat. Luckily, the airline offered over 100 free movies to watch so that “kinda” kept my mind off the pain as I watched movie after movie for the over 11 hours flight to Manila. I also lost out on the dinner which was a “take it or leave it” fish something. Anything that comes out of the water does NOT like me. I made a bad Catholic growing...

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Jul 16, 2017 - Manila, Week 2

Fortunately, one of my mentors, Rick Yount, wrote a book on Educational Psychology. This is very good because for the second time, AGS has asked me to teach Educational Psychology. Since this is not an area of particular expertise for me, I decided again just to teach Dr. Yount's book. I guess I should have some sense of how to teach the class since it is really an application of psychological principles (I did do all but a final project for a Masters degree in counseling) to education. By using a combination of lecture, case studies, group...

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Jul 8, 2017 - Manila

Arrived in Manila on Saturday evening. Took a bus here from Baguio. It was a nice bus, potty on board and all. And it was direct. No stopping to pick up lolas (Filipino grannies) with live chickens for tomorrow's adobo. It made for a nice ride. As we winded through the mountains around Baguio, I intended to read, but was taken by the mists swirling around the trees, terraces, and distant hilltops. Eventually, the mountains gave way to the faster and flatter roads to Manila. The mists yielded to rice patties with plows pulled by Carabou...

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Mar 18, 2016 - WOOFing No. 3, Philippines

Woofing No. 3 was a different experience! Mary Jane was our contact for this farm. We were met at a big shopping mall by her brother and mother as she was en route by bus from up north. We were taken to their house in a suburb of Manila. It housed an extended family -mother, father, Mary Jane and her teenage daughter, her brother and his wife. The mother gave up her room for us and with a fan going we slept with as little on as possible it was so hot. Mary Jane (approximately 45) explained her changed circumstances. Her boyfriend, who was...

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Mar 13, 2016 - Manila

Sunday we decided to go to Intramuros and Rizal Park. While having breakfast Oliver came by. He said he was driving that way and would drop us off. Yes--we could walk back. Traffic was light with it being Sunday morning. Once there we followed Oliver into Fort Santiago --the original Spanish fort built in the middle 1500's. It was built as protection against Chinese pirates. From here we went further into the Intrmuros stopping to see the Manila Cathedral. As Catholic churches go, this is a very plain church. .As a service was in progress...

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Jul 3, 2015 - Around Gen San

Last time I was in Gen San, a young pastor named RP Jay took my Developing Leaders for Youth Ministry class. He showed up several times during the class this time just to hang out and listen to what we were doing. He is an awesome pastor that is having much success at his church. And he is a great partner to Pastor Dave, the President of Shekinah. When the folks at the school realized my flight didn't leave until Friday evening...and atte Anne was going to be taking a bus to Davao on Thursday night, they convinced RPJ to entertain me....

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Jun 24, 2015 - Manila Class at AGS

Monday morning, I started teaching a class on Educational Psychology at the Alliance Graduate School here in Manila. I have been coming here as a guest professor every other year for about 10 years. Well, actually, the first time I was attending as an assistant to my prof at New Orleans Seminary, Allen Jackson. Normally, I teach youth ministry courses, but, Anne, the director of the program, now directs Christian Education as well and needed me to teach a CE class, so...that's what I'm doing. Unfortunately, Educational Psychology is not a...

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Jun 22, 2015 - The Philippines

On Saturday, we paid our bill, grabbed a taxi, and headed for the airport. Once again, cleared immigration, cleared security, grabbed a bite of breakfast, and boarded a Philippine Air flight to Manila. The flight is about 3 hours with a one hour time change. Philippine Air flies in and out of Terminal 2. That's a little misleading; makes it sound like Manila has one airport with three terminals. It would be closer to say that Manila has three airports in roughly the same part of town. So, given the fact that Terminal 2 is pretty much...

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Oct 11, 2014 - Manila - Round 2

Manila Oct. 7 – Oct. 11 Jim’s entry The beginning of our unwanted return to Manila was not an easy one. After our trying all night bus ride, we began – or rather continued our day – with a 4:30 a.m. visit to McDonald’s where we ate, napped, and waited to get in line at the nearby Chinese embassy to submit our visa applications. In spite of an unnerving application process, misleading information, and a highly regimented embassy, our application was accepted. (Kelly’s hard work, and Jeanne’s (our host in China) comprehensive supporting...

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Feb 25, 2014 - Manila, Philippines

2/25 – 3/1 The last stop this month was Manila, Philippines. It took us three days and 1351 miles to get there. There were a lot of dancers performing on the pier when we arrived. Many of the crew on this ship are from this area and their families were waiting their arrival. Holland America does a good job with the families, letting them explore the ship. It was fun seeing the families reunited. We took a private tour in Manila which lasted most of the day. The tour started with the Las Pinas church with its bamboo organ, Yup a pipe organ...

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