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Feb 9, 2018 - Tues 6th Feb Early Am down to the claylick

Surprisingly as I was the last one awake, and Alison was up showering. Today we had a slightly later start 6:00 to go to the claylick to see the early morning parrots at the claylick. We troupe along in our now familiar line but now with a greater awareness of our surroundings and what signs to look for. Although having said that as soon as you do not look where you are stepping, you soon become a cropper falling over. We did note that Daves arms were covered in itchy bites and where the bites were not present he had an allergic reaction to...

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Feb 9, 2018 - Mon 5th after breakfast until dinner

After the ecstatic morning with the river otters, we had barely 5 minutes to have breakfast and we were on the move again under the strict guidance of Silvario. This time we marched 3km towards the clay lick to hopefully see what appears. The heat is very much increased as does the ratio of mosquitoes per cubic metre. We sit within a hide approx 30m from the lick. The wait is intense and finally there was a gathering of macaw in trees, their incescent squawking, chatting and screaking built to a high level of noise, but they remained high...

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Feb 9, 2018 - Tuesday 6th PM local farm and sunset river trip and journey to Lima

After our visit to the tree, shower, and lunch we had a late afternoon trip to the local farm where. the food from the hotel was produced. The site was just across the river and as we approached the plot the farmer and his wife were working on the land in baking hot sun. The area had been cleared of rainforest to grow the crops and there little cover for the workers. The huts provided little more than cover and were built from the trees felled during the clearance. As expected the farm had many sorts of fruits, potatoes, herbs, rice,...

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Feb 9, 2018 - Monday 5th Night Trek into the Jungle

I must say having been up since 4am and marched at least 10 km through the jungle and up and down rivers and Lakes the thought of Nother trek was tiring, but this is a once in life time opportunity. So following another shower and clothes wash we were ready to go. Please note that this is the rainforest, we have not seen rain for a whole day, it was hot even for the locals today up to 32c but with 100% humidity this is draining. Our boot socks were now standing and waiting for us to go. I am sure the first signs of trench foot are being...

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Feb 8, 2018 - Monday 5th Feb 04:30 out on the Lake

We woke at 04:30 in a heavy mist which continue to ensure that our already wet clothes remained damp and those that were not damp, were soon wet as soon as we put them on. The noises of the night which turned into the day continued with ever increasing frecioucity. It was as if we were in the land that time forgot, mysterious, frightening, exciting and exhilating all in one. At any time a raptor so tear into the clearing and consume us all. Met up with our valiant guide Silverio who promptly marched us down to the river for our waiting...

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Feb 8, 2018 - Sunday 4th Feb heading to the Amazon

We are now into Sunday morning early rise again after very little sleep in Cusco. Felling slightly better and excited to be heading onto our Amazional Jungle experience in Puerto Maldinardo within the Peruvian area of the Amazon. We have fly direct about 60 minutes and are collected at the airport by Silverio. Who immediately informs us there is no way that they will carry our bags to the Eco lodge, so we have to downsize to fit only limited clothing for the jungle and very little else as our cosmetics are not bio degradable. So armed with...

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May 18, 2011 - Amazon Jungle (Puerto Maldonado)

A short flight from Cuzco, high in the Andes, to Puerto Maldonado, deep in the lowlands of the Amazon jungle. Travel by motorized canoe to our lodge in the Tambopata Rainforest Area, which holds the world record for the most bird sightings in one area. Explore the jungle with local guides before flying to Lima for a final night out. About half of Peru is located within the Amazon Basin, however, due to its isolation, not a lot of it is available to the casual traveler. Puerto Maldonado is the region’s principal city and is serviced by air...

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Jul 5, 2010 - Jungletur, Posadas Amazonas

Vi floej fra Cusco til Puerto Maldonado midt i Amazonas. Her blev vi hentet af vores guide og startede med et besoeg paa en slangefarm. Et sted hvor de tog sig af saarede og fundne slanger, inden de blev sat fri i naturen igen. Her moedte vi for foerste gang vores venner anacondaen og boaerne. Derefter tog vi en baad 1 time ned ad den mudrede Madre de Dios flod til vores lodge, Posada Amazonas, hvor vi skulle have base de neaste 4 dage. Det var et superlaekkert sted, indrettet i aegte junglestil. Vores vaerelse havde ingen doer og kun tre...

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May 18, 2009 - The Amazon rainforest

After only 2 hours sleep I got up early and headed to the airport for my flight to Puerto Maldonado. All I wanted to do was sit on the plane so I could sleep, but of course my flight was cancelled so I had to get the next...luckily only an hour and a half later. My guide, Richardo, collected me from the airport and we met up with the 4 others in my group. To get to the lodge took about 2 and a half hours in total as it was a bus journey to the river, an hour on the river and then a short walk to the lodge. The lodge was lovely! I wasn´t...

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Jul 2, 2008 - Puerto Maldonado

We were up at 5am, breakfast was at 5.30am. At 6am Me, Frank, Sarah, Ugo, Shane, Andrea a couple of other new additions to our group got on a boat and headed down stream for about 30mins. We had a short walk through the jungle until we came across a couple of long rowing boats on a narrow long pond. We then had the pleasure of paddling ourselves along the narrow pond for an hour or so, would have been shorter if everyone had pulled their weight! Frank and a few others. At the other end of the pond we walked a bit more through the jungle to...

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Jul 1, 2008 - Puerto Maldonado

We went for a trek in the jungle, painted ourselves with the fruite of a tree that didnt want wash off for over a week! I wrote my name on my knuckles, Frank wrote his football team on his arm. We went fishing unsuccessfully, and then swimming in the river. In the later afternoon we had a boat ride around a lake looking at birds and alligators. The evening was spent in the bar with our new French Canadian friends Ugo, Shayne and Sarah, and with Andrea a regular canadian.

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Jun 30, 2008 - Puerto Maldonado

We were up early and checked out at 8.45am, the hotel we were in wasnt cheap, $55 for a twin room per night, so I dont think we will be going anywhere that expensive for the rest of the trip. We went to Cusco airport and flew to Puerto Maldonado, the flight was only 20mins, annoyingly it was 20mins late arriving and then waited on the runway for 20mins. At Puerto Maldonado my bag was last off the plane which was a little worrying but at least it showed up this time. We were met at the airport by the Eco Amazonia rep and then headed off to...

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