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Apr 30, 2005 - Deepest canyon, Arequipa

Left Lake Titicaca and headed to Peru on coldest bus journey so far. Spent a day or so in town called Arequipa which was lovely and felt like returning to western civilisation after a month in Bolivia. Did a 3 day hike down into the supposedly the deepest canyon in the world but we only descended about 1000m - they measure the depth of the canyon from the tops of 2 volcanoes, so it doesn't seem like the biggest canyon in the world. But a very nice trek - down into the canyon, stayed in a little village for the night and then a leisurely...

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Apr 28, 2005 - Peru - Puerto Inca

We stayed two nights camping on the beach near the remains of an old Inca fishing village just down from Chala. It is great to be back at sea level, breathing again and to have the roar of the crashing waves. Fab camp fire and chilled beers...did I really stay up all night!!!!

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Apr 27, 2005 - Peru - Arequipa

Peru's second largest city, but once in the center it has a small town feel and is beautifully surrounded by vast volcano's and mountains. Many of the buildings are made from sillar - a volcanic rock which gives the city its nickname - ¨The White City¨. Arequipa has been built in an earthquake zone and many of the buildings have been predictably destroyed - each day there is at least 25 tremors! One building that did survive - the Monasterio de Santa Catalina - was a huge city within a city, where the nuns had their own apartments and were...

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Apr 26, 2005 - Arequipa

Arequipa esch en total schoeni Stadt, met vele schoene Gebaeude...ond wie e allne grosse Staedt en Suedamerika, wonderschoene Chele... S'Aesse esch sensationel do...choennt nonstop aesse! Ha hoet mettag es riese Schlemmermenue gha met luter Spezialitaete vo do.. Was i no emmer ned fertigbrocht ha...esch s'Meerschweinschen z'probiere..mol luege, velecht chan i mi jo no dezue bewege... Apropos Meerschweinschen..esch lostig..die peruanisch Beld-Version vom "letzen Abendmal" esch do met eme Meerschweinchen als Abendmahl:) D'Temperature...

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Apr 26, 2005 - Peru - Colca Canyon

An early start for the long drive to Chivay, again we are surrounded by beautiful scenery, which it is hard not to start taking for granted. There are so many upturned trucks along the route which in itself is quite sobering. By now about half the truck are sick with gastric problems,so we have stocked up on medicines, which we hope by having will ward off any illness - talisman's against what at present seems like an inevitable situation. Despite being at high altitude for weeks now..it is still hard work...I think we are all looking...

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Apr 26, 2005 - Peru Part II - The Culca Canyon

Janice and I decided that it would be wise to save the cost of a night's accommodation by taking the 9.5 hour overnight bus ride from Nazca to Arequipa. After all, the bus seats fold down into beds that are very comfortable and the buses are first class. What we didn't bank on was a winding ride up and down about 30 mountains with a crazy bus driver with no fear of dying. Our bus driver picked us up 30 minutes late and arrived 90 minutes early. He made up these two hours by driving like a mad man along narrow cliff-hugging roads, passing...

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Apr 23, 2005 - Chivay and the Colca Canyon

Well, our final night in Cusco was a big one as usual. 8 of us ladies went out for a girlie dinner an 4 of us carried on taking advantage of the free drinks fliers that get thrown at you whenever you walk round Plaza del Armas in Cusco! We ended up in Mama Afrikas and some of the lads joined us later. Ended up going to bed at ooooh, about 630 and we had to leave at 8 !!!! Yes not that bright an idea when you have a 12 hr journey on unpaved roads. Felt very rough all day. We finally arrived in Chivay, a small town ner the Colca Canyon, at...

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Moon On Tour 2005

Apr 18, 2005 - Arequipa

Well, we survived a night in the Sheraton karaoke bar - we had to go there to claim our free cocktails! Were not too keen on Spanish Mariah Carey who was sitting on one of the tables and hogging the microphone so didnt stay there too long. Caught the plane to Arequipa this morning, after a small panic when the flight disappeared off the TV screen in the airport. However, all was ok in the end, and we arrived in Arequipa at about 1.30 pm and were met by our guide We were taken on a lovely tour of the countryside around Arequipa and saw the...

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Apr 4, 2005 - Arequipa, by night bus - Celebration of Pope Juan Paul II's life

This was a long day with an early departure from Las Paz to the border town of Puno on the lake Titicaca in Peru, then to Arequipa. We arrived at the cathedral as they were setting up paintings and portraits of Juan paul II when he was visiting Peru in January 1985 and May 1988. It was very moving to be in the cathedral before the people would come streaming in . There is a lot of hope the next pope will be south american.

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Apr 3, 2005 - Horrible hiking!!!

Aaargh, that was the hardest thing I remember doing in ages, it really hurt!! Three days of trekking down into and then climbing out of Peru's Colca Canyon - twice as deep as the USA's Grand Canyon! We started at 3,300m and hiked down to the Colca River down rocky mountain paths. My legs are not built for it, maybe I am too old, but whatever it was sooo painful. Dance salsa all night I can do, swim for hours no problem, and run for two hours is OK, it's not that I don't have energy, but uphill trekking!!! Ugh. The downhill is one thing, but...

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Apr 3, 2005 - Arequipa, Peru

The next afternoon was spent driving to Arequipa city. It´s a really pretty city with a beautiful square and balcony restaurants. We went out for dinner that night and then out to a bar called Deja Vu. Only Jenny and I lasted and the rest went home early! We had a fun night but the place was full of some young 18 year old Venture travellers who were SO posh and very annoying! The next day we were a little hungover and spent the day chilling and relaxing by the pool at the hotel, listening to music and catching up on our diaries! That night...

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Apr 2, 2005 - Arequipa & Canyon del Colca 24.-29.3.2005

Arequipa oli ihana kaupunki. Taydellinen lepomesta puuvillanviljelijoiden aiheuttamien komplikaatioiden jalkeen. Kaupunki on kaunis. Keskustaan nakyi kirkkaalla saalla kolme lumihuippuista tulivuorta; El Misti, Chachani ja Pichu Pichu. Suurin osa kaupungin siirtomaa-aikaisista rakennuksista on tehty tulivuoren tuhkasta tiivistyneestä vaaleasta sillar-kivestä, jonka vuoksi sita kutsutaan ihan syysta "valkeaksi kaupungiksi". Kaupungissa on lahes taydellinen ilmasto. Paivalla n. 25 astetta ja illalla vahan viileampaa, mutta ei kuitenkaan...

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