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Jan 9, 2008 - Whananaki

We went with Charmain and Dave, in David's car, for a drive to Oakura, Mimiwhangata, Helena Bay. It was raining most of the time but it fined up for a walk on the beach/rocks at Mimiwhangata. Stopped at Helena Bay Gallery for a coffee and a look around. Bought wall tile presents for Graham & Jenny. Compined dinner (about 23) but we had a chicken salad and others had roast lamb. Late night – bed about 2am. Rained the whole time.

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Jan 8, 2008 - Whananaki

Charmaine and Dave arrived last night and slept in the barn. This morning they set up their tent beside us. Spent most of the day doing the Wasgij with Bree and finally finished up with last piece about 9pm! Combined dinner, sausages, steak, potato bake and salad.

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Jan 6, 2008 - Whananaki

Friday was a trip to Whangarei for supplies. Janine, Justin and Chops arrived that night and stayed in the barn. Yesterday was an overcast day, and same again today. We spent the time reading. We cooked a roast chicken dinner intending to share it with Merv, but Kay had brought him over Chicken Korma. Vaughan and Kay came over for a drink before dinner. Janine and Justin and Chops left for home.

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Jan 3, 2008 - Whananaki

Another perfect day! Went over to the book sale at the hall, leaving David sleeping. Bought about 10! When I got back, Mike & Puti had left (they were attending Peter Emerson's funeral on the way back to Auckland) and Graham, Jenny, Doug, Sue and Bree had also left for Auckland and further south over the next few days. David went to the book sale and retured with another 4 books! Had Merv for dinner – lasagne.

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Jan 2, 2008 - Whananaki

After waking about 9am we went to see the “art” display on at the hall. After brunch, Dad, David and I drove over to Otamure Bay. A beautiful day and we all had a swim. Graham, Jenny, Doug, Sue Bree, Mike and Puti had all gone to Kerikeri and Waitangi for the day. Had lunch about 2.30! Dad's hand still not improved much. David and I did some washing and Dad left for home about 5pm. We had sausages for dinner; Merv joined us. I went to bed and read my book “Surgeon of Crawthorne”. David played poker with “the kids”.

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Jan 1, 2008 - Whananaki (New Years Day)

Dad did not sleep well on his bed in the caravan with us – not sure if it is a bite or gout on/in his left hand which is swollen and causing him pain. Today was slow to start and continued slow. After the clean up some of the visitors departed. About 10 cars had been driven through Kay's gate and parked in the back paddock in the long grass. We had lamb knuckles for dinner and a fairly early night, after a stroll around the school.

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Dec 31, 2007 - Whananaki (New Years Eve)

The morning was overcast. Graham, Jenny, Doug, Sue and Bree left for the Bay of Islands (they went to Russell and out to the Hole in the Rock). David and I went for a drive out to the end of the Whananaki North Road, and when we got back found Dad had arrived. We had roast chicken for dinner. David joined a game of cricket on the reserve. Among others, Kahn, Jesse Wood, Mike and Puti arrived for New Year. Quite a crowd for the party, and we saw the New Year in with a bottle of Moët and fireworks. Russell got punched over in the reserve some...

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Dec 30, 2007 - Whananaki

Another beautiful day. Ross and Lorraine left for Auckland before we got up. David cooked an omelette for the 3 of us and then went out fishing with Graham, Merv and Doug. Gary left for home (and Tuffa). Spoke to Jenna on the phone; she's set up at Otama Bay, Coromandel – very hot, so they're off to buy a gazebo. I went over to the “park”, finished my book and had a swim. The “boys” arrived back with only a rock cod and a poreye. Sausages, pototo bake, leeks and cabbage for tea. About a dozen more people arrived for New Year.

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Dec 29, 2007 - Whananaki

Got up to a leisurely breakfast. Didn't do an awful lot. Sue went for her first swim, in the estuary. Reading “Louise Nicholas, My Story” over in the “park”. David played NZ version Monopoly. Showed my family tree database “Legacy” to Lorraine and Sue and added a few more names. Had steak for tea. Gary made a nice garlic sauce to go with it. David and Gary played poker with Kate, Milan and Eboney on Graham's new table. Everyone else had an early night.

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Dec 27, 2007 - Whananaki

First day of the extended holiday at Whananaki. The new barn is up with all manner of beds and kids inside; the poker table (Graham's 50th present) too. Tonnes of Aussies here (lots of rubbish being spoken). Took Sue and Gary 5 hours to get here up SH1 and 3 hours for me up SH16 towing the caravan. Semi- set up at the back by the barn and soon to have lamb chops, mash and egg at this point (7.50pm). Lamb chops were stunning – a real fluke! Got to bed around 11.30pm, read for a while and got a good night's sleep until some ungodly hour when...

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Jan 29, 2007 - Whananaki (Auckland Anniversary Day)

Didn't get up until 10.30am. Graham, Merv and Russell had gone fishing. Sandy and Helen had gone to Moreeces with the boys. Cooked up roe for breakfast. Although it had rained quite heavily last night, today is fine and windy, so we were able to pack up the awning dry!

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Jan 28, 2007 - Whananaki

Got up a about 9am. Merv & Russell went fishing in the small boat. Graham, Sandy and David went out in Soprano for a fish (and a dive). Helen took Ashton and Ethan over to Otamure Bay. The rest of us went for a walk along the estuary and back along the road with Chops and Chevy. Jenny and I took our books and pillows across to the reserve for the afternoon. Had a swim before coming back bwhen the boats arrived home. Trevally and Kahawai pan-fried for dinner! Dot and Rod came across for “happy hour”. Played poker after dinner (Sue won!)....

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