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Apr 8, 2013 - Ohakune

Said goodbye to Heather and drove north to Ohakune. Thank you Heather for your hospitality. It was a pleasure visiting you. I hope we meet again one day. We stopped for lunch at a small lake in Wanganui. Here we saw Mallard Ducks from Canada, Mute Swans and House Sparrows from Europe, Blackbirds from Asia, Black Swans from Australia, Muscovy Ducks from Mexico and even a few native New Zealand birds. It is a shame that people brought all these birds here from other countries and now the NZ birds are a minority in their own country. The...

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Dec 26, 2009 - New Zealand El Norte

Copyright 2010 David Rich 1400 Words Jdavidrich@yahoo.com $1 NZ=US $.70 NZ North Island: Top Three+ Escapades Picture the world’s longest and lumpiest golf course, 1200 miles long, green humps stretching to the horizon. Presto, you’ve conjured New Zealand, the same size as Colorado but stretched like taffy until sundered in the middle, floating on an azure sea. The genius of Kiwi engineers has created highways that faithfully mimic the intricate nip, tuck and jot of each and every drunken stream and spastic hill, making any road trip a...

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Jan 9, 2009 - Orakei Korako -Okahune -Jan 4-6

Orakei Korako – Ohakune Jan 4-6 Forging South from Rotorura we decide to take a side trip to little known Orakei Korako about an hour north of Taupo ( for those who are enthusiastically googling our journey). This was a spectacular stop. A short boat transfer across long narrow Lake Ohakuri, which sported a deep turquoise against dark green foliage, and we arrive to a geo thermal wonderland. In sharp contrast to hell’s Gate this place had sites named Artist’s Palette and Golden Fleece. I was speechless at times (no wisecracks please), as...

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Nov 25, 2008 - Ohakune (3)

What a night! Has to be the windiest yet. Maybe the windiest ever :o) Our poor tent was really put through it's paces, but seems to have survived to tell the tale. It poured with rain too, and we stayed completely dry. We've stayed put for another day, as the forecasters tell us that the wind and rain will continue. Actually the weather looks good enough, some sun, some clouds. There've been a few showers, but nothing significant. The wind is up and down too, but the ups are still really strong. Gusty gails they call them. We've been to the...

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Nov 24, 2008 - Ohakune (2)

Today has been one of enforced rest. Of course I don't mind, but Nick is a bit restless. After the weather warnings we felt we felt we had no choice but to sit it out. Indeed the wind in the night was phenomenal, threatening to take the tent away with it were it not for the body ballast holding it down. The rain was supposed to follow the wind. We've had a couple of quick showers, but nothing too bad, yet. At last we had a decent night's sleep and a lie in (8.30). Nothing to hear except the stream just by the tent, and the wind. We managed...

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Nov 23, 2008 - Wellington - Ohakune

Another early morning this morning - Nick had set the alarm for 5.30 again. We dressed, packed and loaded up the bikes as loudly as we could to get back at the noisy buggers who kept us awake and woke us up throughout the night. Nothing wrong with Backpackers accommodation except for the fact that backpackers are generally young and ignorant! Talking, banging doors, making phone calls (at 4am on the public phone outside our room!). We were on the road just after 6.30, just as it started to rain, fortunately only drizzle. The ride to the...

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May 4, 2008 - New Plymouth to Ohakune North Island 20 to 22 April 2008

Jeff I heard the slight sound of a car leaving at 7.30am and knew John, our host, had left to promote his business, ‘Cottage Wines’, at the local Farmers Market. We left at 10am after thanking our hostess Denise for a very nice overnight stay. As we drove towards the town centre Sylvia exclaimed, “Wow, look at that”. “Where”, said I glancing around. “Right ahead of us”, was the reply. Infront was a wonderful view of Mount Taranaki resplendent with its mantle of first snow of the winter and a backdrop of lovely blue sky. I had begun to doubt...

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