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Feb 16, 2009 - Aspiring To A Bonner-vista

Yesterday we tried to get a helicopter flight around Mt Aspiring and the icefields of the Aspiring National Park and despite it being a warm sunny day the cloud was clagged in around the peaks making flying and landing impossible. Today we awoke to a day of even more cloud and we had very low hopes of being able to go up in a helicopter, much less see anything of note! – but the weather is a funny thing as we were about to find out…. We arrived at Wnaaka Airport at around 11.30 as agreed with Wanaka Helicopters and they told us that it was...

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Feb 14, 2009 - The Rob Roy Track - A Walk With A View !!

To all our male readers – if you are short of an idea for Valentines Day next year – bring your partner to Mt Aspiring National Park and take her for a 5 hour trek up a mountain for a view of a glacier……….. Not romantic? well maybe not Sandra’s original first choice, but it certainly turned out to be a magnificent and memorable day. We had been recommended the Rob Roy Track by the owners of Te Wanaka Lodge – “if the weather is right – you must do it” We left Wanaka at around 9am for a 55km drive (over half on unsealed roads) up to the...

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Sep 8, 2007 - A weekend in Wanaka

We've just got back from Wanaka after having spent such an awesome few days with little ole Fo & Sarah. It was so much fun, we spent two days snowboarding at Cardrona where they work. The ski field was fab, it catered really well for the likes of me on those green and blue runs. It was so cool hanging out with some Calney's and ChippNamites. They were totally amazing hosts, cooking us breakfasts, dinner and making our pack lunch for the day on the ski field. We had a look around Wanaka which is beautiful. The town is build around Lake...

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Jul 9, 2006 - No snowboarding in Wanaka

Wanaka is a little ski-town smack in the middle of a valley ringed with gorgeous snowy mountain. Not as high fallutin as Vail, but every bit as picturesque. We had run out of money at this point, so during our day in Wanaka, we felt like rats trying to find our way through a giant maze at puzzle world, hiked around some frozen mountain passes and threw rocks at a frozen lake instead. Every time we hit the lake, the ice made a deep humming sound as if a creature buried deep inside was dying to escape. We also gave a 24 year old hitchhiker a...

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Apr 14, 2006 - 'Warbirds Over Wanaka' + the 'Race to the Sky!'

Easter this year for me has been full of action, I spent Good Friday at the 'Warbirds over Wanaka' air show, and then Easter Sunday at the hairaising 'Race to the Sky' at the Cardrona Snow Farm just outside of Wanaka. Pam and John very kindly put me up for the weekend again in their stunning house on the edge of Lake Wanaka, am beginning to feel quite at home there now! 'Warbirds over Wanaka' was formed by aviation entrepreneur Sir Tim Wallis, he held an airshow and country fair in 1988, and it was so successful that he decided to expand it...

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Nov 23, 2005 - Milford Sound

Big driving day, 2 hours to Te Anau then another 2 hours to Milford via he Hollyford Valley... lots of foxgloves on the way, spectacular mountains and waterfalls. Total change in landscape, the mountains were massive, so big that you can not really appreciate the scale without a boat or something else as big in the picture. Really peaceful.....

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Oct 23, 2005 - To Queenstown, NZ

photo caption uploads pending About half the group, me included, have caught a bug. Sore throat/cold type symptoms. Less that full speed but no one has missed anything yet though. Te Anau to Queenstown - 175 KM 10/23/05 The route today passed a steam train ride site, and went through towns claiming to be the "deer capitol" of the world, and the "Brown Trout" capitol. There were many commercial deer and elk farms along the route. The elk are very scrufty looking, possibly because of spring sheding, or possible due to cross between elk and...

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Oct 13, 2005 - Queenstown & Milford Sound

Once we had made our way from Christchurch, the scenery was awesome(Kiwi Language). Every corner we took, every which way we looked, there was something different to take your breath away, Lakes, Mountains and just plain old flat land in the middle, just amazing and the best thing with it you just don't seem to get bored of looking at it. We made our way through Lake Tekapo for a night and then headed south to Queenstown which is the Adrenalin capital of the world, with bungy jumping, skydiving, jetboating & many more things to do. Now if...

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Upshalls on Tour

Sep 26, 2005 - Wanaka & Queenstown

Dear all, I'm afraid you're going to have to forgive me if this update's all over the place but I jumped out of a plane a few hours ago and my brain has decided to go on holiday for the afternoon to get over it. In the absence of my brain - which come to think about it may well have left for it's vacation just before we booked it yesterday afternoon - it's hard to believe I have actually done it, but I have some WICKED pictures and a DVD to prove it, so I guess I must've done. Make sure you look at all the pictures posted on this update -...

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Aug 28, 2005 - Queenstown

Arriving in Queenstown on the highest road in NZ, we soon realised what a stunning place this is, nestled by a lake among soaring snow-capped peaks. Amy was definitely lucky to be spending her birthday in such a magical place! Her birthday is normally on the sunny bank holiday weekend back in the UK, but here it was something different as we wrapped up in hats and gloves to block out the cold. And seeing as we were cold anyway, we decided that a good way to celebrate would be in the "Minus 5" Ice Bar (which was actually minus 8 inside)! It...

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Jul 18, 2005 - Wanaka to Queentown

Finally in Queenstown and will be able to kick back for a few days. Have a bungy jump planned for tomorrow morning and a day trip to Milford Sound the following day. This is a cool town. Many people here from Australia on break. The snow hasn't been all that great (reports from the slopes), so I will most likely pass it up. Unfortunate, but it will allow me to relax a little.

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Jul 10, 2005 - Queenstown and Snowboarding

We begun to make our way northwards up the west coast of NZ, our first stop being Queenstown which is a winter activity resort with bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding etc. We decided to do 5 days of snowboarding/skiing here on a mountain called Coronet Peak. Unfortunately coronet peak has also been nicknamed "Concrete Peak" due to the snow being mostly solid ice. I soon realised that learning to snowboard on ice isn't beneficial to a healthy backside. (dont worry there arent any pictures of my bruised arse)

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