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May 9, 2012 - Auckland City

Hello all, Our last three days on North Island were spent in a town south of Auckland called Manukau. A day in Auckland was rain soaked but dry inside the casino at the foot of the communication tower which I believe is the second biggest in the world. We didn't bother going up as one it was over priced and two the Kuala Lumpur one was on a hill so even though shorter had a higher vantage point, oh and it was a grim day anyway. All was not lost as Petrina showed great beginners luck on the slots and treated us to a slap up award winning...

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Asian Adventure 2011

Dec 22, 2008 - Auckland (4)

A day sightseeing today in Auckland. We caught the bus into the city, but got off close to One Tree Hill and walked up there. It was very, very hot! We got a nice view of the city from up there. Then we caught another bus that went out to Tamaki Drive, the Miami Beach of Auckland. Saw someone swimming across the bay which looked completely ludicrous because it was very choppy and full of boats and ferries. The beach at Tamaki was quite small and pretty windy, but the beach was rocking, lots of swimmers, windsurfers and sunbathers. We stayed...

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Dec 21, 2008 - Auckland (3)

Our mission today was to retrieve our bike and travel bags from where we had left them 14 weeks ago, at the United Campervan depot near the airport. I had the great idea to find a United campervan in the campsite that was heading back to the depot today, and scrounge a lift out with them. We couldn't cycle, because we wouldn't have been able to carry the bags back, so it was either a cab or a series of busses and a cab or walk from the airport. Nick managed to track down a young French couple who were happy to take us, and after they had...

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Dec 20, 2008 - Auckland (2)

A hot day, but pretty cloudy and the promise of some showers. We planned to spend the day doing some shopping in 'downtown' Auckland. We got an all day bus pass and made the most of the one hour journey to check out the suburbs and see what Auckland looked like. I suppose it looks like the other big cities here – mostly low buildings, some nice big houses but mostly tiny, cheap-looking ones. Hundreds of car dealerships – on our bus journey home I counted exactly 60 of them, so I don't think 'hundreds' is much of an exaggeration. There were...

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Dec 19, 2008 - Orere Point - Manukau (Auckland)

32 miles The end of the road !!! The weather this morning was hot and sunny – very hot – 28 degrees when we were packing up the tent, and we were already sweating buckets before we even left. Nick went up to the store to get breakfast and sandwich stuff, then we ate and then packed up. With the heat it meant we weren't on the road until 11. We didn't think we had far to go – 40 miles maybe – but we also knew it would be hilly which would slow us down. We also did not want to be cycling around Auckland in Friday night rush hour traffic – the...

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