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Oct 23, 2006 - Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise

Hi All, I found a pretty good deal on an overnight cruise through Milford Sound and a ride across Lake Manapouri. Fantastic time. Ate too much, but the following day I did a little tramping to justify it. Hope you enjoy the pics. Fiordland is an amazing place.

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Jul 22, 2006 - Doubtful Sound

I didn't think it was possible, but Doubtful Sound is more spectacular than Milford Sound. It is less well-known, so many people haven't seen it... which translates into less people, fewer boats and more nature! This trip included a 45 minute boat ride across Lake Manapouri which is filled with interesting islands that were carved out when the glaciers formed the lake and the fiords. We then drove through the Wilmot Pass for 45 minutes... Wilmot Pass is the most expensive road in New Zealand due to how treacherous it was to build since it...

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Feb 1, 2006 - Doubtful

Left the fabulous apartment (so sad) for Lake Manapouri and the overnight Doubtful Sound Cruise in the Fjiordsland National Park. The drive in was splendid and we arrived early enough to have a flat white at the world famous "Pop Inn "(well, if your world happens to be Te Anau New Zealand). Rumor has it that this is where Vigo Moritsen and Liv Tyler were spotted having an intimate LOTR snack one day. I am making that up but I will bet you that over 60% of the people, who you tell that too, would believe you. LOTR is a big, and I mean big...

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Dec 30, 2005 - Doubtful Sounds

Het is zover! Wel vroeg op staan hoor.. 06:00h. Om compleet klaar te zijn om 06:45h. Ik werd opgehaald door een busje, en ik was de enige die ze op moest halen. Het was ongeveer een half uurtje rijden naar Manapouri, waar het begon. Ik ben naar de Doubtfull Sounds gegaan om daar te kayaken! Het begon met een boot tripje over "Lake Manpouri" naar de andere kant. Dat duurde ongeveer 45 min, en het was vlakbij het "Manapouri powerstation", een waterkrachtcentrale. Daar moetsen we ons vast in de zwemkleding hijsen zodat het later minder...

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Nov 11, 2005 - Doubtful Sound Day 2

The second day of our cruise around the fiord was another day of great sights especially as the rain from yesterday had made the waterfalls even more spectacular. We saw some explosive falls today and it made the place increasingly atmospheric. We headed back to port via Southern Arm one of the most spectacular areas of the fiord past yet more powerful falls as the sky cleared creating some wonderful colours and reflections off the water and rock sides. Truly magical. As we crossed Lake Manapouri on the last leg of our return journey the...

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Nov 10, 2005 - Doubtful Sound

After hanging around the lakeside village of Te Anau for the morning we headed over to nearby Manapouri to start our overnight cruise. We took a small boat across Lake Manapouri, changed to a bus which travels along the most expensive road in NZ before boarding our cruiser, the Fiordland Navigator. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the boat but just imagine a ultra modern cruising liner housed in an old style sailing vessel and you kind of get the picture. The cruise out to the the Tasman Sea took most of the afternoon and it was...

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Oct 11, 2005 - Manapouri - Doubtful Sound (CRUISE)

The skies were overcast this morning as we left our dock on Lake Manapouri. We got beat onto the boat by a busload and ended up having to sit right at the front, with our backs to the window. No matter, the clouds shrouded the mountain tops and we got chatting with a couple from Maui. This first boat ride was pretty short, and we were met on the other side of the lake by a coach, which would take us over the pass to Doubtful Sound. As the bus wound its way up the pass, we were treated to views of spectacular waterfalls, tall silver ferns,...

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Apr 24, 2005 - New Zealand - Fiordland

I got picked up from the end of my walk and went to Milford Sounds. Its a tiny town at the mouth of Fiordlands. I went on a cruise as I couldn't face kayakking as my body was too exhausted and cold to even think about it. We went out to the Tasman Sea and back again. We saw some seals but I missed the dolphins! Typical! If I had done this cruise before my hike I would have been amazed but having been up in the mountains it wasn't so spectacular for me! Photos are great and easily show you how NZ is the best scenic holiday in the world! I...

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