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Feb 25, 2017 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017 Christchurch, NZ TRAVEL QUOTE OF THE DAY: “There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” - Charles Dudley Warner Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, boarding an airplane in LAX bound for New Zealand! We boarded around 10:30pm LA time so that made it 1:30am OUR time so, yeah, we were tired. Flight took off a bit late by 20 minutes or so. We were in row 22 and had booked the aisle and window seats, hoping no one would take the seat between us but no such luck. It turned out to be a nice young man...

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Jul 18, 2016 - International Antarctica Centre

Today we went to International Antarctica Centre. This is an attraction that is based around Antarctica, the environment there, the research that is being done. Although this is a tourist attraction right next door is the official offices (& main gateway) for lots of the countries that have research stations on Antarctica. We actually saw a NASA plane at the airport today. At the moment they have Husky Dogs coming to the centre most days, so we were able to see & pat 8 Huskies. We watched 2 4D movies, one about a ship journey to...

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Jul 16, 2016 - Christchurch City Centre

Today we decided to head into Christchurch City Centre. This was mainly to see how the 2011 Earthquake had effected the city & the Cathederal in particular. There was a bus stop just outside the holiday park, so thought we would catch the bus in, as we were not sure what the parking in the city would be like. Mike & I were surprised at just how much the city centre had changed since we were last here. It feels deserted & lifeless. After seeing the Cathederal, which we remember from last time we were here, & a having a bit of a wander around...

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Jul 15, 2016 - Lake Tekapo to Christchurch

Not much to report on today. Were on the road towards Christchurch about 9.30 this morning. The trip was pretty uneventful, except for a local who wanted to be a pain in the A@# & meet us head on, on a 1 way bridge, where we had right of way. Everyone else had pulled over to let us go, but he was towing a trailer & obviuosly wanted to keep going...Mike took the high road & reversed up to let him pass...It was tempting to give him the Aussie Bird Salute as he passed, but we didn't... Got to Amber Kiwi Holiday Park about 2.00. This is a...

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Jun 2, 2016 - Getting Ready

Welcome Getting this journal set up is another thing ticked off the list before we head over to New Zealand. We are all looking forward to it & starting to get excited, although there is still lots to get organised before we go. Talk soon Tash, Mike, Connor & Liam

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Mar 24, 2016 - Christchurch

Spent the day in Christchurch- still a lot more desolate than expected. Little pockets are good but it seems so deserted. The container shopping mall is good and the Margaret Mahy playground very cool. Vast areas of just rubble or buildings being held up by containers, boarded off or being re built. I think we have had our last night in a bed for a while as we didn't pre-book the Easter weekend!! Camping here we come. Hope that storm keeps heading away. Just saw the news at Franz Josef where we were a few weeks ago- the river burst and the...

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Trip Journal

Our Year Out

Feb 29, 2016 - Christchurch

Mon 29th Feb - we were woken at 0330 this morning by the hotel shaking and the windows rattling! It was a 4.8 scale earthquake. None of the traffic lights are working properly now in Christchurch. We took the bus to Lyttleton this morning but it is cold and dreary and after a coffee we headed back to the hotel. We have a day in the city tomorrow before the evening flight to Sydney and hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.

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Feb 25, 2016 - We see Mount Cook

Note: we are in nearby Methvane. While most of New Zealand has been a road trip, we now need to focus on distance. We have a ferry reservation and a flight to catch. Both of us had a sight of Mount Cook on our list of really want to do in New Zealand. After all the time we spent in the rain last week and this, we had our doubts. We had a window of, well, today to see Mount Cook. Years ago, Jim was between jobs and marriages. As he put his life back together, mountaineering was one of the key elements of his self worth. He was given a...

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Feb 5, 2016 - Into Christchurch

Into South Island. The taxi was waiting for us as we settled our hotel bill at 0730. It was a 10 minute drive to the ferry port and we checked the bags in which meant they would transferred from the ferry to the train for us and we would be able to collect them at the end of our journey in Christchurch. The ferry crossing was calm, the first hour spent getting out of the Bay around Wellington, the second hour in the open water of the Cook Strait and the last hour making our way around the complicated coastline approaching Picton. A five...

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Dec 16, 2015 - Christchurch

We arrived in Christchurch at about 7pm and were staying in the Ramada Suites which was really central. It is the first hotel built after the earthquakes in 2010/11 to be made quake-proof and we were told it was the safest in the city - it was quite a weird design though ..small windows at different random heights so you could only see out if you were standing on a box or sitting on the floor !! We dropped off the bags feeling a bit jaded after the long drive and headed out to the CBD for a quick look around. Our first stop was Cathedral...

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Dec 9, 2015 - Christchurch - still a lot of devastation

Another road trip day - a blustery one. Al had opted to not "self refill" the gas tank on this rental - so we were on a mission to return the car with an empty tank. The road down to Christchurch headed inland a bit so we took a few side trips back over to the coast. On one of them we discovered some lovely sandstone cliffs along the windy roads. These surprises are the best!! The gas tank was yet empty so we continued on past Christchurch to explore the Banks Peninsula where we'd read there is a gorgeous inland bay and a lake with many...

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Dec 5, 2015 - Christchurch Botanical Gardens & Showing Seth Around

We discovered the gorgeous rose garden in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens today. These were more amazing than any we have ever been in and they were in their peak bloom time. We walked over there in the morning before getting Seth from the airport and then walked there in the afternoon to show him the amazing beauty as well. We passed a brand new Art Museum in the final stages of contruction - the whole city block in length modern building is all glass. Many of the buildings that are being constructed look to be in a modern style - it...

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